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9 Jan 2015

Hotel Villa Fontaine Tamachi, Japan

Tokyo [東京] • JANUARY 2015
When it comes to booking a room its a headache. There are so many varieties of accommodations available in Japan. With so many options, however, it is easy to get lost.

Japan hotels have come up with very competitive prices for every client. The Lodging facilities in Japan can be broadly classified as hotels, family run guest houses, traditional inns and resort clubs.

Hotel Villa Fontaine
Villa Fontaine is a hotel chain that offers you 15 prime locations in the heart of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Osaka, Kobe, Japan. The hotels feature high class suites, luxurious beds, and spacious bathrooms, all at a reasonable price. Complimentary breakfast and Internet services are provided. 

Complimentary Breakfast 
Freshly baked bread, salad, soup, and coffee are served at our buffet-style

View from my window

:Tamachi JR Line [Access from Shibaura Exit 5] minutes walking
:MitaSubway Asakusa Line [Access from exit A4 ] 5 minutes walking Subway Mita Line
: Only in Lobby not in the room.
Enjoy a high class stay at the Mita location which features a spacious facility with sleek interiors. Only 6 minutes on foot from Tamachi Station, this hotel is easily accessed from Haneda Airport and the Bullet Train, as well as Shinagawa and Yokohama.

Mita Twin Building East Wing 4-2-8 Shibaura Minato-ku
Tokyo, 108-0023 
Tel: 03-5730-7770 
Fax: 03-5730-7778

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