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9 Dec 2014


Tutorial [教程] • 9 DECEMBER 2014
WinRAR is a powerful compression tool with many integrated additional functions to help you organize your compressed archives and its free. It prompt me to update to the latest WinRAR Version and I did. After updating became my default browser. 

So what is is a browser hijacker. It enters your system and modifies browser settings without your permission. Once is in your computer you need to delete as soon as you can.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox:
1. Open your Mozilla Firefox browser
Click the icon on the right top hand corner.
On the "HOME PAGE" - Type your favourite browser. For me I love Google Chrome.

2. Click the search provider icon on top
Click  Manage Search Engines and there will be a list of engines installed. Look for and remove it.

Browser: Mozilla Firefox - Successfully removed the

If you are using Internet Explorer
1. Look for "TOOLS" click on it.
2. Look for "MANAGE ADD ONS click on it. 
3. Look for "SEARCH PROVIDERS" and look for and remove it.

4. After that go to "INTERNET OPTIONS" type on your HOME PAGE.

If you are using Google Chrome
1. Go to "SETTINGS" look for "ON STARTUP" click on "SETPAGES" look for and remove it. Click the "x" to remove it.

2. Look for "APPEARANCE "click change type onto your home button. 

Once everything done - will no more be your default browser.

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