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25 Dec 2014

Momochi Muah Chee @ Trasnfer Road , Penang

Penang [檳城] • 25 DECEMBER 2014
Do you love Muah Chee? It is a snack of glutinous rice balls coated in toasted peanuts and melts in your mouth. You’ll know it as soon as you turn into the lane that you’ve hit the right spot. The stall which you want is the one on the left, just opposite the Police Station.

I am very fond of Muar Chee, especially coated with ground roasted peanuts, with sesame seeds stuffing. Last weekend we managed to locate the shop and purchase a box of homemade muah chee, RM 8.90 per box of 6. 

The texture of the muah chee is really good, soft and fresh.

200B, Transfer Road
George Town, Malaysia
Look for Patrick Law
016-864 6360

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