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21 Dec 2014

Las Palomas Buffet & Tapas , Zaragoza

Zaragoza [萨拉戈萨] • 21 DECEMBER 2014
After a city tour of Zaragoza, our group were taken to this restaurant.
We settled for this tapas bar and we never regretted it. If you are extremely hungry, go for it! The location is really good, right off the main plaza on one of the main streets through the old city. 

When we arrived, we had to sit on the ground floor dining room . The restaurant appears to be popular with local families. There's a great selection of food, everything from salads, tapas, cheese, breads, meat, fish, pasta, rice and a wide assortment of desserts, including a chocolate fountain. Service is fast and you get good quality for what you pay.

You can eat whatever you want for a fixed price (about 11 €, 13 € at the weekend, drinks are excluded).We love the chocolate fountain where you can dip small cakes or biscuits, but also sausages, lasagne, cannelloni and cheese in wide spread. 

As we walked by the large picture window, we saw what appeared to be an extensive buffet/tapas display.
As we walked in, we were taken to our tables and saw the offerings close at hand. After we were served water, wine, soft drinks, etc. we went to help ourselves.


The presentation was excellent. There are so many varieties. 
From salads, hot vegetables, hot and cold cuts of meat and seafood.
With all the people in the restaurant, the staff  were busy replenishing the food - there was never an empty serving plate.

LAS PALOMAS Buffet & Tapas. Quality buffets in Zaragoza. “All-you-can-eat Buffet” of mediterranean and aragonese cuisine. At night, famous “The Great Tapas Buffet”, to snack whatever you want. The best tapas from Zaragoza, in a all-you-can-eat buffet.

Plaza del Pilar (esquina D. Jaime I) - Zaragoza - 50003 
Tel. 976 392 366 Fax: 976 291 905


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