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15 Dec 2014

Jessie Yong Homebake Cake Order

Penang [檳城] • 15 DECEMBER 2014
We are so happy to order and collect from Jessie Yong her delicious cream puff and swiss roll. We are excited to share it with you today her homemade cream puffs which will WOW your guests as mouthwatering and delicious as it is beautiful and you will absolutely finish the whole box in 5 minutes.  

30 Cream puff - RM10
Her Oreo Swiss Roll Cake is absolutely perfect for those holiday dinner parties. It is not those you find in the supermarket which taste sugary coated with cheap jam. Your friends are going to love them!

Oreo Swiss roll RM 14.90

Chocolate Banana Swiss Roll and Peach Orange Swiss Roll . 

The swiss rolls were very light and deliciously moist and the taste was heavenly! Order and try it. 


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