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27 Dec 2014

I LOVE PASTA - Guide, and Strategy Tips

Game [遊戲] • DECEMBER 2014
This is the newest and coolest Pasta App by Pati Games Corp, I Love Pasta, a brand new restaurant simulation game where you can create and manage your restaurants and imagine your beautiful restaurant in Venice, Italy. 

You will be able to create a menu with dozens of Italian dishes and gain your experience by cooking each dishes. You will be the owner, and chef where you will hire your favourite employee.

The graphic is superb with beautiful background. Always satisfy your customers by serving pasta coming from your your kitchen. Clean your restaurant when its dirty. Use cash to expand the 2nd floor even before you reach level 30.

To gain higher level you need to increase your level with your patrons and get more rewards by wine catering. In addition, your food sale speed is based on the number of level-matching chairs and operable stoves or ovens.Play bingo in your friends restaurant to get the rare rewards.
You may send puzzles to your friends and request some for yourself.
You need to help your friend daily in order to make your party points go up. By running a social shop at your friend’s restaurant, both of you will get a special reward once per day. 

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