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6 Nov 2014

Sushi King - Queensbay Mall, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 6 NOVEMBER 2014
It was definitely a fun experience--keeping a hawk eye on the conveyor belt to see if anything interested me, trying to grab it before the table in front of me grabbed it.

Normally people think Sushi they think of RAW fish. Actually if you go into any sushi bar and look at all the seafood choices, only a small handful will be actually raw. Although it might look raw, it has gone through some kind of process. Either pickled, blanched, soaked in Sake and then frozen, there are many things that happen to the fish before you eat it.

 All those plates do end up piling up though!
Price per plate for different colour
Blue RM2
Beige RM3
Pink RM4
Red RM5
Purple RM6

Arigato – Thank you.
Chakin-zushi – Vinegared rice wrapped in a thin egg crepe.
Chirashi(-zushi) – Assorted raw fish and vegetables over rice.
Domo (DOH moh) – Thank you.
Edomae-zushi – Same as nigiri-zushi.
Gari – Vinegared ginger.
Gyoku  – Tamago.
Hashi – Chopsticks.
Inari-zushi – Vinegared rice and vegetables wrapped in a bag of fried tofu.
Itamae-san – The Sushi Chef.
Kanpai – The Japanese equivalent of “cheers,” used when drinking
Konbanwa – Good evening.
Murasaki  – Soy sauce.
Namida  – Wasabi.
Neta – Sushi topping.
Nigiri(-zushi) – Pieces of raw fish over vinegared rice balls.
Nori – The sea vegetable used with rolled sushi.
Oaiso – The check.
Okanjo – The check.
Oshibori – Rolled up hot towel served to sushi bar customers.
Oshinko- Japanese pickles.
Oyasumi nasai – Good night.
Sabinuki – No wasabi.
Sashimi – Raw fish served chilled, sliced, and arranged without rice.
Shamoji – Sushi rice paddle.
Shari – Vinegared rice ball.
Shoyu – Soy sauce.
Sumimasen – Excuse me.
Tataki – Pounded, almost raw fish.
Tekka-don – Pieces of raw tuna over rice.
Uchiwa – Fan, used for fanning sushi rice.
Wasabi – Japanese horseradish.

How to Eat SUSHI
1. Enjoy the various beautiful colors of the NETA (fishs lices/ingredients) first. (Visualize tasting sushi with your eyes.)
2. Place soy sauce for dipping in a small dish.
3. Mix a bit of WASABI(Japanese horseradish) with the soy sauce, or place a bit of wasabion the neta if you want.
4. Pick up one piece of sushi with your thumb, index finger, and middle finger. Or you can choose  to use chopsticks.
5. Dip just the tip of the neta in some soysauce.Turn the sushi over and bring it to your mouth.
6. Place the whole sushi piece in your mouth if possible.
7. Close your eyes and enjoy the taste.

Sushi King Queensbay Mall
Queensbay Mall
LG-93, 100, Persiaran Bayan Indah
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang

10.30 am - 10 pm


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