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27 Nov 2014

icdrama how to download english subtitles ?

Tutorial [教程] • 27 NOVEMBER 2014
Most of us would like to watch all films with subtitles, even if the film is in English. Does anyone feels the same? Some people might find it distracting, but I find it makes it easier to keep track of all the dialogue, especially when the film's sound quality isn't great or if the actors have accents. Some people don't understand Cantonese, Korean or Japanese and with the English subtitles it helps us to understand the movie better.

We discovered a few good website that have english subtitles for most movies.
These are my favourite websites :

Follow the steps below
1.In order to download the subtitles we have to download the Free Download Manager  What is it? Free Download Manager is a powerful, easy-to-use and absolutely free download accelerator and manager. Moreover, FDM is 100% safe, open-source software distributed under GPL license.

2. **Remember to choose INTERNET EXPLORER as your browser.

3.Go to choose the movies you wanted.
For example I go to Overachievers - 名門暗戰 and choose the English sub I wanted.

4. Click on it. There are 3 options -Mirror streaming for this episode:
Allupload :FULL
Picasaweb: FULL
Dailymotion: FULL

5. Choose the episode. You will be able to see Download FDM. Click on it.

6. If you want to use Google Chrome you need to download the Google Extensions.  Download the All Downloader Professional  once downloaded you will see there is an red error appear on the right hand corner. 
You can see the english subtitles downloading into your computer. 
Enjoy watching the movies and english subtitles.

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  • The Yum List

    I'd never considered this before, but what a great idea - if the subtitles are well done I suppose. We've giggled our way through a number of movies where the subtitles don't quite match the dialogue. :-)

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