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22 Nov 2014

Cuttlefish Kangkong @ Joo Leong Cafe Sg Tiram , Penang

Penang [檳城] • 22 NOVEMBER 2014
There are not many stalls selling cuttlefish kangkong now in Penang. Yet I managed to find a very simple and clean stall selling cuttlefish and kang kong (water spinach or leafy vegetable). 

A simple dish and made well with very fresh ingredients. The Cuttlefish Kangkong costs $10 -15 per plate.

The sauce are thick not watery type. From what I can see and taste there are peanut, sesame and prawn paste.  When you mixed all together (sauce and ingredients) as a whole, it is very tasty! 

Totally enjoyed the tender cuttlefish, fresh vegetables and nice sauce to go with it all

Overall the dishes were delicious and very tasty with emphasis on quality and freshness. The place is also brightly lighted and hygienic. We are bound to visit this place again.

Joo Leong Cafe 裕隆茶室
Address: 179-H, Sungai Tiram, Bayan Lepas, Penang
Tel: +60104124865, +60124984865
Working Hour:6:20am - 11:30am, 6:00pm - 11:30pm. 
Close on Monday.


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