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13 Nov 2014

Canton-i at Gurney Paragon, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 13 NOVEMBER 2014
Canton-i, the second brand under the Dragon-i group, has established itself as the place to be for an authentic taste of Hong Kong style noodles jumbo shrimp wontons, succulent roast duck and barbecued meats, silky smooth congee, melt-in-the-mouth egg tarts and a wide selection of dim sums and desserts hand-made by chefs from Hong Kong and Guangzhou.   

One of the best ways to distinguish a great Cantonese place – hanging meats in the front window.

Famous for their roast goose and roast pork, we ordered a plate of each. One of Hong Kong people's favorite meals -- Savor a bowl of delicious roast goose noodles! So flavorful yet delicious. The goose is just so tasty, well seasoned, perfectly cooked till the skin is flavorsome and has a perfect dark brown/red delicious colour. The meat was tender and succulent.

They have extensive of choice for food, from rice to noodles and porridge, and of course roast chicken, pork, duck. 

Carrot cake with XO sauces, a bit spicy but nice.The most recommended. RM 12


In my opinion they charge for the small serving of braised peanuts , wet towels , tea .... If you don't use the wet towel, please make sure they take it off the bill. I'd say the food tastes authentic, menu is extensive, but sadly a bit pricey.

Canton-i (香港粥麵家)
Paragon Mall, Penang
163D-2-31 & 163D-2-32, Paragon Mall,
10250 Persiaran Gurney
Pulau Pinang


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