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7 Oct 2014

Township Game

Game [遊戲] • OCTOBER 2014
Township by Playrix offers you a chance to build your very own town. Construct houses to increase population in your township. Gather in crops and run processing factories to earn money for further developing your township. Build cafes and cinemas for fostering social life. 

Ernie will be around to show you around Town. Get ready to harvest 6 plots. Each time you harvest the wheat your XP will increase +1. Once you harvested the wheat you can bake the best bread. In order to bake you need to build a bakery. To bake a bread it will take 5 minutes. If you can't wait for the bake to finish, CLICK A DOLLAR to finish right away. Once we more residents we can plow a new field.

There will be a helicopter flying around. Click on it , and you will see the orders from customers. A map of township will appear. Click on the customer and complete their order.  Name your town. Keep filling the townspeople's orders, harvesting crops, building houses. 

How do get building materials
Constructing some buildings requires materials. You can get more building materials in the followiing ways:
1. Send a train with goods to other towns. To send a train, first fill all of its railcars with goods. The type and quantity of good required are indicated right on the railcar. The train will exchange your goods for building materials. The number of railcars in the train determines how many units of materials you'll get. 
2. Special offers to buy tools and materials frequestly appear at the market. 
3. Explore the mine and find treasure chests. You may find building materials and other valuable items in them. 
4. You can win building materials in the House of Luck.
5. You can always use Township Cash to buy any materials you need. 

Where to find tools to buy expansions (saw, shovel and axe)
You can get all of the materials in the game by sending trains with goods to other cities. Occasionally, the trains will bring the tools you need to expand your territory. You can also get the tools in the following ways:
1. There are frequently special offers to buy tools and materials in the market. Grab it. 
2. Examine the mine and find treasure chests. You can find tools and other valuables 
3. You can win tools for expanding in the House of Luck
4. You can always use Township Cash to buy the tools , always watch the video. You will be able to get 1 Township Cash for FREE.

Fields for planting are completely free. Find them under the farming tab in the store. The number of fields available depends on your town's population. The greater the population , the more fields you can set up. In order to increase your town's population, build more homes.

Wheat  2 minutes Free
Corn 5 minutes 1 Coin
Carrot 10 minutes 2 Coin
Sugar Cane 20 minutes 3 Coin
Cotton 30 minutes 4 Coin
Strawberry 1 hour 5 Coin
Tomaton 2 hours 6 Coin
Pine Tree 3 hours 7 Coin
Potato 4 hours 8 Coin
Cacao 8 hours 9 Coin
Rubber Tree 12 hours 15 Coin
Silk 15 Hours 20 Coin
Pepper 5 hours 11 Coin

Township is my favourite game.  I am now level 43, and still building my dream town. 


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