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5 Oct 2014

Kacang putih outside Sunshine Square, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 5 OCTOBER 2014
Kacang Putih has always been on of the many famous malaysian snacks. Nowadays is hard to find Uncle selling kacang putih. Luckily we found him in Bayan Baru just outside Sunshine Square. 

Most of us must have eaten and enjoy chewing kacang putih at one time or another during our life time. Some of us may end up having crocked teeth due to over indulgence in chewing kacang putih.

“Here Comes the Kacang Putih Man!” There are different types of Kacangs to chose from, pick what you like.

All the snacks here are tasty and fresh. The price is reasonable. You don’t find that anymore. Nowadays, kacang putih is pre-packed and sealed. But the most important thing is his kacang putih is one of the best I have ever tasted.

Enjoy some crunching moments which may bring back some memorable moments of your childhood. Uncle sells more than 20 varieties of kacang putih at his stall. His fixed location is under a big stop sign "BERHENTI" just outside of Sunshine Square. ( just park outside the Sports Toto shop) 

Outside Sunshine Square , just beside Sports Toto
Jalan Mayang Pasir, 11950 Bayan Baru, Penang, Malaysia. 


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