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18 Oct 2014

5 Quick Tips for Saving Battery Android

Tutorial [教程] • 18 OCTOBER 2014
In this article, we are going to share with you some best ways to saving android battery life

1. Power Saving Mode
If your battery is running low, find the power-saving mode in Settings and enable it straight away. Enable every option that is included within the screen and you should be able to substantially lengthen the amount of time your Android phone or tablet will run for.

2. The Screen
Drop the screen brightness to the lowest setting you are comfortable with. The screen usually uses more baterry than any other part of the device and reducing the brightness will likely have the most beneficial effect of all.

3. Disable 3G
If your phone supports disabling 3G, you should do this if you are able to live without the faster connection for a short while. Having a 2G connection is better than no connection at all when the battery dies. Also disable 4G and use 3G if that is an available option.

4. Use Wi-Fi
If  a hotspot is available and you need to connect to the internet, Wi-Fi is actually much more frugal in terms of power consumption than 3G. When possible, try to enable Wi-Fi for browsing etc when the battery is running low.

5. Learn some lessons
Go to the Battery section in Settings to see exactly how your power is being used. If you can see what is draining the battery, you may be able to adjust your usage so that it lasts longer in the future. Some third- party applications may need need to be deleted fo or deactivated to improve going forward.

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1 comment:

  • ChrisAu

    hahah... I don't think I can disable 4G as I needed it but I tried to lower the brightness of the screen. Anyway, for Note 3, the battery seems not too bad compare to my older S3. My wifi is always off unless I'm at home.

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