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23 Sep 2014

Las Ramblas, Barcelona

Barcelona [ 巴塞罗那 ] • 23 SEPTEMBER 2014
Las Ramblas most famous street. It is divided in five sections. Rambla Canaletes, Rambla dels Estudis, also called La Rambla dels Ocells ( Avenue of the Birds) as it used to be a traditional site of a bird market. Rambla de Sant Josep it is also well-known as the Rambla de les Flors (Rambla of the Flowers).

You will see mostly foreigners along the Ramblas. Stroll under the threes, admire the street artists.

It's name comes from a stream (raml in Arabic) that used to run along the same path before the land was developed in the 14th century. Now in place of the stream is a 3/4 mi (1.2 km) street with a wide, tree-lined pedestrian boulevard down the middle. Along the path are numerous shops, cafes and bars as well as some interesting attractions. Article by Viator Las Ramblas

A walk from the top to bottom of Las Ramblas is undoubtedly highly rewarding and you will find a healthy selection of Barcelona's worthy attractions en route, such as La Boqueria food market, the Liceu Theatre, Miro's mosaic (watch where you step!) and the Monument to Colombus. 

 No Barcelona experience is complete without a stroll down this boulevard.

What a wonderful place to be. We had the pleasure of visiting Barcelona and we fell in love with the entire place. It's a great place to wander along. Just keep hold of your wallet! 


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