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29 Sep 2014

Kong Th’ng Ang Seng Heong @ Northam Beach Cafe ,Penang

Penang [檳城] • 29 SEPTEMBER 2014
What was your favourite snack when you were a child? Have you heard of Kong Th’ng, Kacang Tumbuk or Peanut Candy. Kong Th’ng is one of my favourite snacks. When was the last time you had Kong Th'ng?

These days , we can hardly find Kong Th'ng. Luckily we found it in Northam Beach Cafe, Penang. If you’re a big fan of this lovely sweet taste of Penang, you’ll be surprised to know you can get this from a stall right in the heart of this beautiful island.

We were lucky to be there when he was making the peanut candy (Kong Th'ng) .Nowadays if you want to buy Kong Th'ng you can only get in the supermarket. However not many supermarkets are selling it and they are manufactured in the factory.

Rolling with his 40-year-old bottle

When we were having dinner in Northam Beach Cafe, we were distracted with the constant banging at a particular stall. The seller, Ang Seng Heong, has been running his Kong Th’ng stall for the past two years. He sells from 8pm – 12 midnight daily. Ang takes five minutes to make two boxes of Kong Th’ng - 1 box contains 10 pieces which he sells at RM8 per box. 

It's best to get his permission before photographing his skills and talent of making the Kong Th'ng. Ang acquired his skills from his father who learnt it from his grandfather. 

Everything is prepared and made on the spot. Look at his skill

Did you notice the bottle ? The bottle is already 40 years old! Used by his grandfather and it has been passed down ever since! The pounder was a lot bigger , about three times the size of the one he is using. 

We were a big fan of Kong Th’ng. Beware! Once you start eating it is very difficult to stop because it melts in your mouth.  It it so delicious. Must go and try it. 

Videos to enjoy:

Kong Th’ng Ang Seng Heong @ Northam Beach Cafe 
Stall: Northam Beach Cafe, Jalan Sultahn Ahmad Shah, Georgetown 
+6012 482 6388/ +6012 933 4448
Business premise: 325-U Ground Floor, Jln Perak, 11600 Penang 


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