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24 Aug 2014

Sakoos iPhone App

Tutorial [教程] • 24 AUGUST 2014
Photography is an addictive hobby. Finding the right camera bag is a big task. have two …and I always look for more. If you’re looking for your first,  best of advice I can give is to purchase a bag that is bigger . 

Once you start accumulating the items on this list, as well additional lenses and other accessories you decide you can’t live without, you’re going to start running out of room pretty quickly. So if you have one of these bags whats in it? What tech gadgets are you carrying in your bag today? The question is so popular these days.

SAKOOS is a totally new, one-of-a-kind visual discovery social network app that is built around a simple question: what’s in your bag? Sakoos is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before! It’s a visual discovery social network that lets share photos of your bags, and discover what other people carry with them.
             > FREE!
             > Take a photo of your bag and tag your favorite items!
> “Like” & Comment!
> Share, Communicate, Explore and Discover!
***About Sakoos***
1. Take photos of the fun objects you own or carry with you in bags, knapsacks, pockets, purses or anywhere else! You can also import photos directly from your Instagram account.
2. Tag each object – such as a camera, iPhone, keys, book, lipstick, or anything else – through the app’s excellent tagging interface. If you leave them blank, other people can also take a guess. You’ll be able to decide if they got it right!
3. Share your tagged items with other Sakoos users around the world. Celebrate the diversity in humanity by discovering what other people carry in their bags.
***Sharing to Facebook/Twitter***
Share Sakoos photos to Facebook and Twitter, including Facebook pages managed by you.
***Embed to Blogs***
Bloggers and website owners will LOVE the brilliant widget that can be generated directly from the app. Embedding the widget gives your blog/website a “clickable” and interactive “what’s in my bag” picture that is simply awesome!
***Celebrate Humanity***
Sakoos is also a celebration of human engineering, design, craftsmanship, creativity and ingenuity. Weather it’s a finely crafted leather case, or an amazing piece of consumer technology, we ask you to share the brilliant things you carry in your bag and discover more amazing, cool and inspiring things you might want to have.
Bags are mysterious objects. They come in different shapes and sizes, with numerous pockets and compartments to keep your personal belongings organized. 


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