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28 Aug 2014

Clicking on my blogger post bring me to another webpage , How to solve

Tutorial [教程] • 28 AUGUST 2014
When i click on  my blogger post it sends me to a different page instead of the actual web page. It only happened when I am using Android.(Mobile or Tablet) Why I can't get to the web page I wanted.

When I open the blog using any browser (Chrome, Firefox) I keep getting spam ads (please renew your whatsapp). See picture below. When I use Desktop and Iphone no such ads appear. It only happened in Android.

Tutorial by DarkUFO
You have added some script/gadgets/widget/javascript that is hijacking your mobile clicks. You'll need to go through your template and widgets and remove all the scripts/gadgets you've added until you find the one causing the issue.

After I remove the HTML/Javascript (above) my problem solved. 


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