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30 Aug 2014

Penang Street Photography Part 1, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 30 AUGUST 2014
Street photographers strive to capture the life and culture of city streets of Penang. When it comes to street photography, many photographers traditionally choose to work in black and white, focusing the viewer’s attention on the subject by eliminating the distraction of colour. 

28 Aug 2014

Clicking on my blogger post bring me to another webpage , How to solve

Tutorial [教程] • 28 AUGUST 2014
When i click on  my blogger post it sends me to a different page instead of the actual web page. It only happened when I am using Android.(Mobile or Tablet) Why I can't get to the web page I wanted.

26 Aug 2014

Yanmenguan the Great Wall, China

Yanmenguan [雁門關] • 26 AUGUST 2014
IntroductionYanmenguan, also know as Yanmensai or Xixingguan, is an important pass on the Great Wall. Together with Ningwuguan and Pianguan, it is regarded as one of the 'Three Outer Passes along the Great Wall'.

24 Aug 2014

Sakoos iPhone App

Tutorial [教程] • 24 AUGUST 2014
Photography is an addictive hobby. Finding the right camera bag is a big task. have two …and I always look for more. If you’re looking for your first,  best of advice I can give is to purchase a bag that is bigger . 

22 Aug 2014

Khee Hiang Claypot Noodles @ Tingkat Mahsuri, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 22 AUGUST 2014
Like it? Don't like it? Doesn't matter, just look at the menu. Just pick any dishes and you will be surprised how delicious they are. 

21 Aug 2014

Inner Mongolia Travel Guide, Mongolia

Inner Mongolia [ 内蒙古] • 21 AUGUST 2014
The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, bordering to the north with both the Republic of Mongolia and Russia, is the widest province in China (by its latitude). It is the third largest Chinese province (over 1.1 million square kilometers or 424,736 square miles) but not very populated. The province has about 24 million inhabitants. Many ethnic groups are living in this area including Mongolian, Daur, Oroqen, Ewenki, Hui, Han, Korea and Manchu. Hohhot is the capital of Inner Mongolia.

17 Aug 2014

Brownies with Waffles

Recipe [烹飪法] • AUGUST 2014
If you are craving something sweet make your own brownies. Just make brownie mix according to the directions and divide the batter. 

15 Aug 2014

Hide LinkWithin On Your Homepage In Blogger

Tutorial [教程] • 15 AUGUST 2014
We want the Link Within only on post pages and not on homepage. 
If you want to show Link Within only on your posts here's how 


12 Aug 2014

House of KoloMee @ D'Piazza Mall, Bayan Baru, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 12 AUGUST 2014
Kolo mee and Wantan Mee are they the same? Wantan Mee is drenched in dark soy sauce and served with soup, kolo mee is only lightly drizzled with fish sauce and shallots. 

10 Aug 2014

798 Art Zone Beijing Part 4, Beijing

Beijing [北京] • 10 AUGUST 2014
798 Art Zone is located in the northeast part of Beijing City, it is named after a factory, which was built in the 1950s. It was once occupied by some state-owned enterprises such as 798 Factory, Beijing North China Wireless Joint Equipment Factory, and so on. 

7 Aug 2014

798 Art Zone Beijing Part 3, Beijing

Beijing [北京] • 7 AUGUST 2014
Nowadays, it frequently holds important international art exhibitions and art activities as well as fashion shows. In order to expand the reputation and influence of the art zone and to promote the development of the modern art. 

3 Aug 2014

798 Art Zone Beijing Part 2, Beijing

Beijing [北京] • 3 AUGUST 2014
Introduction of 798 Art District
"798" is located in the Dashanzi area, to the northeast of central Beijing.It is the site of state-owned factories including Factory 798, which originally produced electronics.

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