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15 Jun 2014

Sweet Gaufre @ La Rambla, Barcelona

Barcelona [ 巴塞罗那 ] • 15 JUNE 2014
This was definitely an unexpected surprise, walking out of the La Rambla, we decided to stop, as it was pretty much right across the street. Sweet Gaufre opened for the first time in the heart of Barcelona, ​​in the heart of Las Ramblas.

The Belgian waffle -- known to French-speakers on its home turf as the gaufre or gauffre, and to Flemish- / Vlaamse-speakers as the wafel, waffel or suikerwaffel. Sweet Gaufre continues to develop in the same way, in the workshop and with absolutely fresh and natural ingredients without preservatives or colorings. Well waffle really is as a casual snack food -- something you buy from a bakery or street stand, and eat hot and out of hand. (There is so much of this that there are lots of places, especially in the big cities, where you'll see signs, begging people not to bring waffles into shops or stand around eating them out in front and blocking the view in or out of the windows.) Through all this, the local press and word of mouth among local and foreign, have echoed the quality of the products. Therefore "the Gofrería Las Ramblas" is must-see for lovers waffle and sweet treats. We are lucky to discover it. 

A waffle (French Gaufre), also called waffle, is a kind of Belgian origin cake is cooked between two hot plates. Our waffle, which is the Liège waffle has a characteristic that distinguishes: a crisp candy coating overlying result of a last minute addition to the mass of pearl sugar, giving it a distinctive flavor, find soft chunky sugar semi-melted.

Waffles can be eaten plain (especially the thinner kinds) or sprinkled with powdered sugar. There are also many different toppings you can put on your waffle such as cream, fruit, jam, syrups, ice cream and chocolate. The first is the original Gofres Waffle you can eat it cold, or warm it up. The best way to eat it though, is warmed up in an original Belgian waffle Iron. It tastes delicious with, but also without toppings. I will suggest to eat this waffle warmed up and filled with blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and apricot. This waffle especially tastes delicious with ice cream or whipped cream

Why a Belgian waffle maker? Because there’s really nothing quite so tasty as waffles in the morning, especially when they’re freshly cooked, straight from an iron griddle. The taste and texture of this freshly cooked breakfast treat is a one of a kind experience. Waffles that are cooked on a rectangular waffle iron are fluffy on the inside with an exquisite crunch that redefines deliciousness.
Still, some chefs insist that the old ways are the tastiest, and the best. For them, a traditional waffle iron, made in heavy metal, is the best. These irons are heated over the oven, as the waffle batter is poured in. At the right moment, the iron presses down, to create a just right waffle. Voila! Yet, the addition of a nonstick coating on these irons makes cleanup, and the creation of a perfect waffle, that much easier.

 We ordered the Nutella crepe. It was the best crepe of my life. 

The Liege’s Waffles are from the city of Liege in eastern Belgium. The Liege is a richer, denser, sweeter, and chewier waffle. Invented by the chef of the prince-bishop of Liège in the 18th century, it as an adaptation of brioche bread dough featuring chunks of pearl sugar, which caramelizes on the outside of the waffle when baked. They are smaller, sweeter and heavier than the Brussels’ Waffles.

We would have eaten the Liege's Waffles if we knew they were famous. :(

Sweet Gaufre
La Rambla, 83, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
+34 933 02 69 60


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