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22 May 2014

Pasta Zanmai @ Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 22 MAY 2014
Omurice is often served at  Japanese restaurants where Pasta and Spaghetti, Curry and Rice are also on the menu. Omurice can be covered with cream sauce or demi-glace brown sauce, but the original Omurice is usually finished with ketchup.  

At restaurants recently, more eggs are used and the trend seems to be for the eggs to be soft and runny, although more traditional Omurice egg is cooked very thin. Many restaurants serve different type of Omurice, mine come with Chicken Teriyaki. 

If you like fusion of Italian inspired pasta dishes with a unique Japanese touch then visit Pasta Zanmai! Inspired from the immense diversity of delicate and healthy Japanese food and the love for pasta, Pasta Zanmai’s signature series - wafu & sesame sauce pastas are absolute must-tries.

Chef busy preparing my order

Oh boy, are you hungry ...

A simple tomato sauce allows the true flavor of the clams to shine through!

Horen Teri Omu Set (RM25++)
Teriyaki Chicken with Omu rice | Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce and Clams- Must Order

PASTA ZANMAI (Gurney Paragon Mall)
163D-6-38, Level 6,
Gurney Paragon Mall,
Persiaran Gurney,
10250 Pulau Pinang.
TEL : 04 - 218 9600 
FAX : 04 - 218 9700 
MOBILE : 012 - 219 1170 
Mon - Sun 10am - 10pm 


  • ChrisAu

    It already looks good but your pixs make it even more delicious !

  • ChrisAu

    How was the taste ? Seems lots of cheese !

  • Lian

    It is nearly 2am and I'm hungry. *rubbing tummy*

  • Cheap Ethnic Eatz

    That is so very fusion cuisine. I like ti and would be curious to try for sure. I have never eaten Omurice either, would love to. Great review.

  • Kitchen Riffs

    Wow, this looks so great. And I love the pictures! Thanks so much.

  • suituapui

    Fusion? Sure would want to try - but not my daughter, I think. She loves Japanese and Italian...but she does not like anything fusion.

  • Waverly Charlotte

    The high resolution of your picture is definitely accentuating the taste of the food. ^^ I'd really want to visit Pasta Zanmai again if my cravings for fusion food do arise. The teriyaki chicken is one of my favorite dishes there. =)

  • Denise Browning@From Brazil To You

    With many options to choose from, it would be hard to pick only one of these delicious dishes. Enjoy, cquek!

  • Sean

    what a gorgeous plate of pasta

  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I miss Japanese pasta and omurice! It's so tasty indeed :D Great pics!

  • The Yum List

    I'm yet to try this chain but I'm intrigued by the idea of Japanese and Italian fusion.

  • Shirley Tay

    I've just finished watching this Korean drama & the characters in the movie kept calling for Omu Rice; they love it! So when I saw your 1st pix, it popped up instantly. Hahaha!

  • applefish

    been there once..quite a small dining area..but don't have to Q up..just leave ur fon no and they will call you once got seats...lovely~~

  • Anonymous

    Ordered seafood tomato pasta which have prawns scallop and clams. However when it arrived it only have two clams a small piece of scallop (half a scallop according to the waitress) and no prawns. When I asked the waitress of that she went back to the kitchen and when came back said there are prawns in the bowl. I dug into my bowl and said again where are the prawns. She went back to the kitchen again and came back saying the same thing again. I was quite upset with her comments like I do not know what a prawn looks like. She went back to the kitchen again and this time when she came out she offered to replace the dish. Ha! What a joke! Highly not recommended!

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