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29 May 2014

LINE Party Run

Game [遊戲] • 29 MAY 2014
LINE Party Run is a side-scrolling game in which you jump over obstacles or pitfalls. Compete with your friends to travel the furthest distance. The more you play the game, the further you will be able to go. 

Choose your favourite Characters. The Characters will keep running. Tap the screen to jump and tap it again while the character is in the air to perform a double jump. The game is over when you run out of HP or fall into a pit.
To play further you need Energy to play the game. It costs 1 energy per game. One Energy will recover every 10 minutes, up to a maximum of 5. You can hold more than 5 Energy by acquiring them through other methods, and there is NO LIMIT to the number of these Energy you can hold. You cannot play the game if you don't have Energy. Try to get Energy from friends, purchase using Rubies or wait until it reocvers automatically. (1 Energy recovers every 10 minutes, up to 5 energy)

There are 5 types of regular items that you can use at any time, and there are some items that can only be used during special occassions. You can purchase the regular items with Coins from the item screen that appears before you start. They will be activated at the beginning or end of the gameplay. Some items can activated during gameplay. 
- Start Dash
Start with invincible flight, magnetic effect and double score
- HP Plus
Start with 20 additional HP
- Revive
Revive with 50 HP when the game is over
- Random
One strong item will be applied. These items are not sold in the shop. 

Various Characters provide various effects too. Currently there are 12 Characters:
Brown  HP62
Get 10% more coins
Maid Cony HP70
Creates a shield every 50s, protecting Cony from obstacles.
Deliveryman Brown HP76
Get 300 more points for successfully hitting other characters.
Hip Hop Cony HP 80
Increases attack by 10% during Bonus Time
Rocker Brown HP88
Reduces damage from obstacles by -20%
Cleaner James HP72
Recover by 10% more with the Water Cups
Guitarist Moon HP80
Triggers Magnet effect. Upgrated the skill to increase the Magnet's effective range. 
Pink Cony HP100
Jumping 30 times will shoot a pink beam from your laser gun, destroying obstacles in Cony's way. Each destroyed obstacle yields 1000 points.
Wonder Brown HP110
Collecting 300 pieces of Candy causes Brown to quickly spin , smashing obstacles in his way. Each smashed obstacle yields 1000 points. 
Hero James HP90
Shoots a glamourous beam every 30 secons that generates Diamonds. Diamonds are worth 5,000 points. Each destroyed obstacle yields 1000 points.
Cupid Moon HP100
Generateds a Heart every 5.2 seconds. Releases a Love Arrow and generates a Small Water Cup with every 10 Hearts. 
Onigiri Brown HP110
Destroys objects by turning into a giant rice ball every 50 seconds. The giant rice ball spawns mini rice balls in fron of it every second.

Various Pets provide various effects. You can change pets by tapping Sally at the initial screen, or by the Summon pet button on the screen preceding the start screen. 

Spawns Dash Items - Ghost Sally
Scares others to death with her cuteness. Dash items are generated every 70 sceonds. 
Saves from Cliffs - Angel Sally
A guardian angel to save you from cliffs. Just don't go jumping off cliffs on purpose now. ignores cliff falls 1 times
Laser Beam - Hero Sally
She destroy all obstacles in your way. Shoots a laser beam every 30 seconds that spawns big coins. Hero Sally can only be obtained as a reward for inviting friends. 
Spawns Magnets - Cat Sally
Makes cute internet videos when she's not spawning magnets. magnets are generated every 60 seconds.
Spawns Random item - Bubble Sally
Still disoriented from being called out during her bath, there's no telling what she'll spawn.Random items are generated every 70 seconds. This Sally is only available through Present Boxes.
Spawns Lollipops - Riceball Sally
A rice ball that finally caters to your sweet tooth with Lollipops. Lollipops appear every 40 seconds. 
Attacks others- Ninja Sally
A ninja trained specifically in the art of hitting other runners. Other characters are attacked every 30 seconds. 
Spawns giant Items- Raincoat Sally
She might be small but she help makes you big. Giant items are generated every 70 seconds. This Sally is an exclusive event award.
Extends Giant Time - Seed Sally
This little sapling will help you grow. Giant Growth duration +0.5 seconds. 
Extends Dash Time - Wasabi Sally
A mouthful of wasabi will clear your sinuses and make you run like the wind to the next Water cup. Increases Dash duration by 0.5 seconds. 
Spawns Lollipops - Sally 
Makes the sweetest virtual Lollipops you'll never eat. Change 1 Candy to a Lollipop every 15 seconds. 
Spawns Bonus Items - Alien Sally
The first chicken in space. They come a long way from crossing roads. Bonus Time items are generated every 90 seconds. 
Spawns Water Cups - Devil Sally
Speak of this devil, and she might just give you water. A water cup appears every 60 seconds. 
Attacks the Boss - Monster Sally
A ferocious baby chick with a healthy disrespect of authority. The Boss's HP is reduced by 10% on the first attack during Bonus Time.
Turns into Coins- Eagle Sally
Who needs Candy when you 've got money? Converts Candy into Coins every 30 seconds
Generated giant lollipops - Candy Sally
There's no Sally sweeter than me. Taste my Giant Lollipop. Generates a Giant Lollipop every 40 seconds.
Spawns Sprints - Sausage Sally
This sausage will give you the strength to run, probably because it creepily follows you. Sprint items are generated every 70 seconds.
Spawns Luckybags - Luckybag Sally
It's always good to carry a lucky charm. Changes Candy to Lucky Bags every 30 seconds.
Extends sprint Time - Box Sally
No time to look at the scary thing chasing you with a box on its head. Just keep running. Sprint duration. + 0.5 seconds.
Extends magnet time - Music Sally
Music soothes the soul, and apparently makes Magnets last longer too. Magnet duration +0.5 seconds.
Extends Lollipop time - Virus Sally
Not all viruses are bad. This one makes Lollipops last longer. If only it were real. Candy power up duration time +0.5 seconds.


Download this game for free and enjoy playing 


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