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17 May 2014


Penang [檳城] • 17 MAY 2014
I love to have light lunch. My favorite way of having a lunch is to :

Greens- Lettuce,  I wash, dry, and prep greens and put them in the fridge.
Dressing - Kewpie my favourite Brand
Potatoes - baked or grill
KEWPIE MAYONNAISE JAPANESE STYLE was founded in Japan 85 years. Since October 2010 KEWPIE can be found in   Malaysia after receiving its Halal Certification. They hope to expand their sales in the East Asian region (Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China), as well as export to Singapore , Indonesia, and the Middle East by taking advantage of its Halal Certification.
While we might be easily impressed with flashy additions to the traditional sandwich, we're even more impressed when things are kept simple and they work just as effectively. You must try out the KEWPIE dressing, they have a lot of varieties. 

Here are their Dressings
-Sesame Soy Sauce 
With strong soy sauce can be used to
complement your favourite Asian foods. KEWPIE
DRESSING SESAME SOY SAUCE goes great with fish dishes and salads too.
Main ingredients:
Soy bean oil, vinegar, soy sauce, sesame.
-Roasted Sesame (My Favourite)
Bring out the flavours of your foods with KEWPIE DRESSING
ROASTED SESAME. Use this nutty, creamy dressing as an
ingredient for your pastas and salads.
Main ingredients:
Soy bean oil, egg yolks, roasted sesame, mustard.
-Wasabi Taste
Creamy Wasabi Taste dressing can be used with salads 
or as a dipping sauce to complement Japanese style cuisine. 
KEWPIE DRESSING WASABI TASTE tastes great with boiled vegetables, meat, or fish.
Main ingredients:
Soy bean oil, vinegar, egg, soy sauce, wasabi flavour. 
Caesar dressing uses natural parmesan and cheddar 
cheese, with anchovy and garlic for a rich, flavourful taste. 
KEWPIE DRESSING CAESAR goes great with salads, 
seafood, or deep fried foods.
Main ingredients:
Soy bean oil, vinegar, cheese, egg. 

Only the finest egg yolks go into Japan’s favourite 
mayonnaise to give it that unique, signature taste. KEWPIE 
MAYONNAISE JAPANESE STYLE is also 100% Halal, and comes in a convenient squeeze-bottle.
Main ingredients:
Vegetable oil, egg yolk, vinegar, spices and seasonings.

Storage Tips
Here are some tips to help keep your KEWPIE Mayonnaise fresh after opening it:

Avoid direct sunlight
Keep chilled in fridge
Keep the bottle at your fridge door to
protect it from direct cold air
Keep the bottle upside down so it’s easy
to squeeze out
When cleaning mayonnaise utensils, use
running tap water and not hot water or detergent.

I love their recipes. Here are a my favourite recipes from KEWPIE. 
Tomatoes are an excellent source of antioxidants, minerals and
vitamins that help combat various diseases. They’re also a nutritious, wholesome ingredient for sandwiches and taste good with some KEWPIE SANDWICH SPREAD.

This dish is for those who like pasta, especially the Penne variety. It’s made with an olive oil sauce that uses KEWPIE DRESSING ROASTED SESAME. The ridges and hollow shape of the Penne are perfect for holding the tasty pasta sauce.

If you fancy an open sandwich for an easy and convenient meal, you can try this variation that uses KEWPIE SANDWICH SPREAD.

Where to buy KEWPIE? 
You could get it from TESCO, AEON, Sunshine Square in Penang, Malaysia.


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