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27 May 2014

d'Tandoor Set Lunch @ Precint 10, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 27 MAY 2014
D'Tandoor Restaurant now have seven franchised outlets and seven of their own. It has been awarded as Malaysian Best Restaurant by Malaysia Tatler for four years in a row. D'Tandoor has also been awarded 2 awards from Malaysian Book of Record for the longest non-stop Naan cooking and for being the first North India Food franchisor in Malaysia. 

D'Tandoor Malaysian Restaurant is the biggest North Indian Restaurant chain in Malaysia with 15 outlets. D'Tandoor is also the first North Indian Food Franchise in Malaysia. D'Tandoor was established around 20 years ago and it is the best choice you have in Malaysia.
We usually drive past several Indian restaurants to look for good delicious meals. Having tried so many other Indian restaurants, my no. 1 pick is d' Tandoor Indian food. The set lunch is good value from RM10.90 - RM15.90.

The menu is absolutely extensive. Among the offerings are appetizers, soups, salads, breads, rice, and desserts. The dinner entrees include chicken, tandoori, biryani, lamb, seafood, and vegetarian. Diners are given the choice of going a la carte or ordering a full dinner. My advice is to go for the dinner.

In Indian restaurants you get usually Papadum as appetizer. It is often served one green sauce with a light peppermint taste. 

Vegetarian Set | RM 10.90
Basmathi Rice + Plain Naan + Aloo Gobi Punjabi + Vegetable MakhanWala + Vegetable Dish of the day + Salad + Papadam + Cordial Drink
Chicken Set | RM 13.90
Basmathi Rice or Plain Naan + Fried Chicken or Tandoori Chicken + Vegetable Dish of the day + Salad + Papadam + Cordial Drink
Keema Set Fish or Prawn Set | RM 14.90
Basmathi Rice + Plain Naan or Tandoori Roti + KeemaMattar + Aloo Gobi Punjabi or Vegetable MakhanWala + Vegetable Dish of the day + Salad + Papadam + Cordial Drink
Fish or Prawn Set | RM 15.90
Basmathi Rice + Plain Naan + Fish Methi or Prawn Masala + Aloo Gobi Punjabi or Vegetable MakhanWala + Vegetable Dish of the day + Salad + Papadam + Cordial Drink

Add RM1 
Plain Naan/ Rice to Garlic/Butter Naan
Add RM2
Plain Naan/ Rice to Briyani Rice
Add RM2
Cordial Drink to Tea or Coffee
Add RM3
Cordial Drink to Mango Lassi
Add On
Add RM3
Dessert of the day
Add RM3
Soup of the day

Man, oh man, this tandoori dish is so delicious! Well spiced, moist and juicy.

The basmati rice and the Naan (Indian bread) were absolutely outstanding.

You get plenty of food for your dollar here. The food here is wonderful. I would suggest you try it out. Seriously love this place. For about 11 bucks you get a delicious set lunch, value for money. Excellent service as staff and owner were friendly. The place is clean and deco is nice. Food is nicely spiced and flavorful.

d'Tandoor Restaurant Penang
10-C-22, Precinct 10, Jalan Tanjong Tokong,10470 
Tanjong Tokong, Penang
04-899 2525
Free Car Parking in Precinct 10 until 7pm Daily


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