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3 May 2014

Arc de Triomf WOK Barcelona , Barcelona

Barcelona [ 巴塞罗那 ] • 3 MAY 2014
Wait, is this Buffet included in our tour, oh yes its included. Eat all you can..

AND the best thing.. it’s an open buffet – which means.. better sit down before I say it… ALL YOU CAN EAT!!!
# 1, you like Sushi, then we don’t need to talk more about the WOK.. simply go there!
# 2, you like fresh seafood like different kinds of mussels, fish, shrimps and prawns, then we don’t need to talk either more about this place – just GO!
# 3, you like Japanese food like spring rolls, tempura, different kinds of meat, these little things out of the steamer, rice and noodles and so on – Goooooo as fast as you can!!

Our tour guide brought us there and we fell completely in love with it. So what are you waiting for...

Really really good and – first of all – FRESH Sushi.. maki and sahimi with salmon, tuna, avocado, cucumber, surimi, prawns, mango.. it is unbelievable. And..goes without saying.. you also get wasabi, ginger and soy sauce! Oh man.. I am getting excited talking about that!

So what else? They have two areas there – one for fish and seafood and the other one for meat, which means satay sticks and filets of pork, chicken and  beef and as well different sausages like chorizo. wok restaurant barcelona arc de triomfFurthermore you can get some vegetables like potatoes, zucchini, corncobs, artichokes, onions, mushrooms etc. there. All this is raw – so you put it on a plate and give it to one of the chefs waiting for you, who will barbecue it in front of your eyes.
They do also have all these Japanese food and as well a bunch of different salads.
Okay.. so what is the only thing missing right now? Exactly – the dessert!

Finish with ice cream (lemon, strawberry, chocolate and hazelnut), have a bunch of fruits (pineapple, peach, melons, lychees etc.) or grab some mousse au chocolat, flan, yoghurt or pudding.
They have a large range of food - seafood, sushi, meat, vegetables... and not everything is Japanese, despite the name. We found especially the seafood worth trying, as it was cooked in front of you by the chef. There is certainly something for everyone, and at lunchtime (around 9 euros) it was a great deal, at least. Some dishes were a bit cold as there is so much of everything, but we avoided them anyway and concentrated on the great range of fresh meat and seafood.Great value for money, but don't go here if you're not hungry!

With a significant background in the hospitality sector, Zhu's family opens first restaurant in 2002 in Spain, Barcelona is the city for its entry into the new continent. After these initial years, the Arc de Triomf WOK restaurant is becoming one of the leading oriental restaurants, impeccable service and a wide range of top quality food.My special advice: Don’t have breakfast in the morning of the day you intend to go there! You will regret it.


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