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27 Apr 2014

LINE Rangers

Game [遊戲] • 27 APRIL 2014
Sally was captured, so we need to save her.  The LINE characters must team up and fight across more than 60 stages of tower defense to rescue her. So we have to make up a strong team. 

Every character in this game has a different role and characteristics. Take note of each character

Type | HP | Attack | Attack Speed  | Move Speed
Before you enter the battle you can buy any damages from the  "Valley Of Wind" - choose 4 types.
Damages enemies with falling Meteors | 700 Coins
Damages enemies by Freezing | 500 Coins
Damages enemies to the end of the Tower | 500 Coins
Recover Tower HP once and gain brief invicibility | 500 Coins

Select a Friends (FREE) once you use up all your friends (16) you have to wait for 24 hours. If you use Sidekick (Use coins ) for help you have to pay 500 coins each time you play. 
Click Start once you are ready for the battle. 

Take note of your team character level. The Character in my team highest level is 7. So I have to press the Production Rate as high as possible to reach level 7 quickly. Once I reach level 7 I can use my highest character. 
The enemy will be marching out from the headquarters , do not panic, as it takes time to reach our headquarters, so upgrade the speed of minerals. Let the enemies attack your Tower, once you level up the minerals, use your powerful rangers. Take note of the Missile on the left, once the yellow bar is up start to launch it.

Press Gacha
1-3 stars | You need 100 Friendship points. How to get Friendship points?
- Click Friends and Click Help (F)
- The Friendship points will be inside your Gift Box. Click the Gift Box and Click Accept it. 
2-4 stars | You need 10x Ruby. How to get Ruby
Each time you level up to the next level you will receive +3 
3-5 stars | You need 20x Ruby
Premium 5 + 1 
3-8 stars | You need 100x Ruby

Check out your Collections you can see all your Hero Rangers, they are so cute. Don't underestimate them! The Ranger will get stronger if you level up. 

Once the enemy attack our Tower we "Lose the Game" , so we have to attack their Tower asap. You must increase your Tower HP. Try to play more often to increase your level so you can upgrade your Missile Power, Tower HP , Production Rate and Max Limit. Simple the more you play the more powerful you will be. Get ready to battle and become stronger rangers.

Tips: If you stuck in level 27, play lowest level like level 20-25 to gain your coins and exp for your rangers. Upgrade the same character to level up higher. 

LINE Rangers on the App Store
LINE Rangers on the Android


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