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17 Apr 2014

How To Add a Favicon to Your Blogger Blog

Tutorial [教程] • 17 APRIL 2014
Do you notice a small Blogger logo on the left next to "Favicon" when you click "Edit Layout" ? Favicon is the small blogger picture (16px x 16px ) you see beside some some site's name in your browser's address bar. I love to change the blogger picture to my own picture. 

You can change the custom favicon. Is very simple go to the Layout section  and follow my pictures.

if still not working type the following
replace your website url .press enter refresh, clear cache wait for 5 minutes, you will see the logo.

Now you should see your own favourite favicon instead of blogger's default favicon. Be patient, it might take some time until your new favicon will appear in your Browser's tab or window. (mine took 10-15 minutes)


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