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28 Mar 2014

Hairstory Hair Cut @ Queensbay , Penang

Penang [檳城] • 28 MARCH 2014
I got a perm in August 2013, hair cut in January 2014 before CNY. Now my hair out of shape and I was thinking of "bob" style cut so I went to Hairstory (Queensbay) next to HSBC Bank.

All photos taken with the iPhone 5

Short cropped hair: 4-6 weeks. Super short (pixie) hair can even need some love and attention at the 3 week mark! Think about it– if the hair is roughly 1″ all over, it can nearly double in length within one month. Really short hair can be low maintenance in the mornings but higher maintenance as far as the cut goes.
Short or long bob: 4-6 weeks. If you like to keep your hair between your chin and your shoulders, you know that when it hits your collar bone it will start to flip outward due to the natural curve it follows. If your neck is long, you get to go a little longer. If your neck is short, it’s going to hit your collar bone sooner. Keep that in mind.
Layers: 6-8 weeks. A lot of us get layers to remove the “triangle” that shows up when the haircut grows out. Once the layers are lowered and inch or two from where they started, they don’t move the same. The removed weight comes back and the triangle/bell shape returns. Time for a cut!
Textured shaggy layers or razor cuts: 4-8 weeks(depending on texture). Curly/wavy hair typically gets longer slower, so you can lean closer to the 6 or 8 week mark if the ends aren’t too split. For straighter hair, you’ll need to clean up a shaggy or razored hair cut every 4-6 weeks. Also keep in mind, razors aren’t as sharp as a good pair of scissors. That means you’ll probably get split ends sooner than you would with a scissor cut. But scissors can’t do what a razor can do texture-wise, so it’s a bit of a catch 22. If you like shaggy or rough texture, proper maintenance is key, otherwise it can get quite messy looking, and not in a good way.
Medium to long hair: 8-12 weeks. This is the most flexible hair length as far as cut maintenance goes. You can honestly just go in when it feels too heavy or when you notice a lot of split ends. My clients who have medium to long hair usually come in every 10-12 weeks because most of them are growing their hair out. However, in between cuts, my clients book appointments for a gloss or deep treatment to seal their ends down temporarily and hold them over. Due to the fact that this length is the most low maintenance, it can always use lots of love at home (ie: conditioning treatments)!
Long hair: 6-8 weeks. Please don’t go too long. Keep your hair in check. I’m just going to say it… excessively long hair can appear dry, brittle, unhealthy and shapeless. Hair grows 3/4 of an inch to 1 inch per month on average. Cutting a full inch off every month and a half will still leave your hair super long, but not too long. Please remember that really long hair needs extra love and attention on the ends as well. Try applying coconut or jojoba oil on the ends before bed, sleeping on it, then shampoo and condition as usual in the morning. Jojoba oil is the closest thing to our own natural oils and your ends need that!

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at HairStory and I love my newlook.

In Hairstory, there are 3 price points that are common for haircuts for men and women. The difference is between a $30, a $45 and .. for a haircut. In terms of how much to pay for a haircut, I’m not looking to spend big bucks. I am happy with $30. Most stylists will take the time to sit with you before each cut and discuss the look you are trying to achieve and will have the skill set to make recommendations on the various looks that will be best suited to your facial structure. For me I show them the picture of the hairstyle I wanted so they can cut according to my liking. 

You can expect your hair to be washed before with a relaxing head massage and after your cut, as a bonus, professional hair care and styling products are used and sold in these salons.

I highly recommend this salon and will be back again. 

Queensbay: 604 6437 558
Mon- Fri 11am-8pm and Sat 10am-7pm
Sun & Public Holiday 10am -6pm


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