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20 Mar 2014

798 Art Zone Beijing Part 1, Beijing

Beijing [北京] • 20 MARCH 2014
The area is totally different to all the other places in Beijing. It is an old factory district, where everything has been renovated and the factory rooms now play as galleries, studios, art rooms, restaurants, bars and cafes.

I didn't care too much for the art, although some was quite interesting, the area itself is really worth visiting, even for people who don't care about contemporary art. And the galleries are free! It reminded me of Soho in New York. I spent there three hours, but would've loved to stay longer.

Once time permitted I visited 798 Art Precinct and was amazed first it is Free to enter, has marvellous street art and many wonderful art galleries to visit .
I was lost many times as I wove my way around the labyrinth of streets and lanes that make up this site. The only drawback at the time there was a lot of reconstruction going you had to be careful where you stepped. But by now I am sure all of this work is complete.

Being an keen photographer I enjoyed the many statues that were outside many of the galleries and attach some of them for you to view. A bit puffed out after a while I found a great coffee shop well one of many but it was nice to sit outside in the shade of a tree and watch the world go by.

It was a afternoon well spent at 798 Space. If you are an artist, history buff, or looking for a change on where to eat, it is all there. You could spend all day or 2,3,4 if you want. The people are so nice and love to talk to you, most speak some english, that helped me.

Located in Dashanzi, at the northeast part of Beijing next to the Airport Expressway, the Beijing 798 Art Zone has become a must visit for anyone who is interested in more than the usually visited spots such as the Forbidden City, the Summer Place and the Great Wall.


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