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28 Feb 2014 - Yahoo! Bing Network

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What Is
Like AdSense, is a contextual advertising company – what this means is that the ads displayed on your website are influenced by the actual content on the page, so that visitors will see relevant advertisements.
Also, like AdSense, pays you for each click, and the amount is based on the bidding of the advertisers (so as you would expect, more competitive niches will yield higher earnings per click).

Different Types of Ads
Just as AdSense has its regular ad units and its link units, offers a few different types of ad styles.  Note: only allows you one of each ad type per page.
Content Ads – These are your standard contextual block ads, and you can choose from a variety of sizes.  They don’t have as many size choices as AdSense, but all of the more popular sizes are there.  This is the type of ad that I have implemented on all of my niche sites that currently utilize, and from what I’ve heard, this type pays better than the others.
Search Targeting Ads – These ads actually look the same as the content ads, with one big exception: they are shown to search engine traffic only, and the content of the ad is tied directly to the visitor’s search query.  As you can see, this allows very relevant ads to be displayed to organic traffic, although I’ve heard these ads don’t pay as well as the content ads.  I don’t have enough data personally yet to confirm or deny this.
Web Bar – This is an ad unit similar to AdSense’s horizontal link units, except that it’s placed at the bottom of the screen and is “sticky” to remain above the fold as the user scrolls down the page.  I’ve never been a fan of these types of ads since I think they look too spammy, so I have yet to try this one.
Mobile Ads  - These ads are simply optimized for mobile viewing.  To be honest, I have yet to jump on the “mobile” bandwagon (no pun intended) when it comes to internet marketing.  I know it’s where the future is trending, but for right now, it’s not a focus of mine.

Good about
1) Decent earnings per click
This is obviously going to vary by niche, but in my past month of testing on a small handful of sites,’s CPC seems to be very similar to AdSense’s.  This is probably the biggest reason why stands out among many other contextual advertising alternatives.  Obviously, there are many I haven’t tried yet, but this is my early impression.
2) Ads appear to be very “clickable”’s algorithm for determining relevant ads with your content seems to be very strong, and the design of the ads are such that they look like part of your site’s navigation.
I think the average internet user is so used to seeing AdSense-style ads that many have become blind to them.’s ad style, while nothing spectacular, is somewhat refreshing after seeing a million different AdSense ads.  Here’s an example from the sidebar of one of my sites in the pet niche (I’ve blocked out any identifying information from the site):
As you can see, the ads aren’t “in your face” advertisements.  There is a small snippet of text (which isn’t visible in this screen shot) at the bottom which indicates that this is an ad block, however it’s not very intrusive.
3) Friendly support
This is absolutely unheard of with Google, so I found this to be a huge positive with When you create an account, you’re assigned an account manager.
I had one instance where one of my niche sites was denied for ads (more on this below). I contacted the account manager to find out why, and what I can do to get the site approved, and he replied fairly quickly with some helpful information.  He told me once I make the necessary changes, I can re-submit the site for approval.
Do you think anyone at Google would ever take the time to help with something like this? I highly doubt it. - Article by my4hrworkweek

Signing Up at reviews the submitted applications manually and invite you to work with them if they find your blog or website deserving for showing their ads on it. To start working with them, visit and submit the form. After submitting the form, wait till they review your submitted details. If you are accepted in their program, you will be emailed and then you can setup’s ads on your blog to start monetizing your traffic.

To get eligible for showing ads from on your blog or website, your blog needs to receive majority of traffic from US, UK and other western countries. Once you are accepted, a dedicated person will stay with you assisting in setting up ads on your site and in optimizing the ads to maximize your blog’s revenue. Support from is brilliant and they stay ready always to help you out whenever you face any issue.


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