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19 Feb 2014

Line Cookie Run - How To get High Score?

Game [遊戲] • 19 FEBRUARY 2014
Tokyo, Japan – – LINE Corporation, owner and operator of the free call and messaging app LINE, announced the release of LINE Cookie Run, a free side-scrolling game for iPhone and Android, available through its LINE GAME service.

Players control a variety of cookies in an attempt to escape from the evil witch’s oven in this side-scrolling action game. Using simple controls, players jump and slide to avoid obstacles and collect the Coins and Jellies that are scattered throughout the game to get a high score.
As the cookie runs across the screen, players tap the left to jump or the right to slide. If the cookie hits any obstacles during the stage, its energy will go down, and if it reaches zero, it’s game over. Potions that grant special advantages are scattered throughout the game, and players can grab them to restore their energy, become invincible temporarily, or even become a giant cookie. These potions and other items let the cookies run farther and give the player even more points.
Collecting the 9 letters that appear throughout the game spells out BONUS TIME and starts a special mode where players can get a bunch of Coins and Jellies that boost their score even more.


LINE COOKIE RUN on the App Store on iTunes

Watch in Youtube

There are 5 beautiful gift boxes, pick one you like. 

Collection of Pet Book

Below are my Pet- I got it from Gifts Lucky Draw. Or you could hatch the Pet by paying 1 Crystal- Common Egg , 10 Crystal- Rare Egg or 20 Crystal- Extra Rare Egg. 

Each pet has a unique skill. 
Rare Garlic             (B) makes blast jellies - every 27 sec
Cozy Yarn              (B) bonus time jellies - every 38 sec   - my FAVOURITE PET.
Cheeseberry           (C) collects missed jellies- every 3 sec
Drop of Choco       (C) makes bear jellies- every 4 sec
Jellyco Cube          (S) jellyco missiles- 
Enchanted Locket  (S) mini enery potions- every 30 sec
Brain Gum              (A) slower energy drain- 10% slower
Flowercopter          (A) speeds up bonus time- 52% faster
Dust Unicorn          (B) makes gold coins - every 20 sec
Hat of Santa          (B) makes silver coins- every 15 sec
Electric Beat           (B) makes magnet jellies- every 24 sec

My favourite Pet Cozy Yarn and Cookie Zombie.

To have high score you have to Upgrade Powers to the maximum- currently Level 20. 
Energy Boost Level 20, Orange Jelly Level 20, and Bonus Time Level 20 - all fully upgraded and highest level. Buy Boosts to get a higher score. I always have the COOKIE RELAY - 3000 coins. When Cookie runs out of Energy, 2nd one continues with 50% of Energy. Boost can be activated at the end. I always use it. Remember to select the Treasure you wish to use, and click Upgrade Treasure to score more points. Remember to upgrade your Pet till the highest level. Once you reached the highest level you will get a  Treasure - Knitting Needles. Remember to upgrade your Zombie Cookie too, why I like to use the handsome zombie, because it revives after running out of Energy. It revives up to 8 times. Once you reached the highest level you will get a Treasure- Blood Cell. 

Once you mastered the Zombie cookie , buy the Angel Cookie. Angel Cookie skill- surrounded by magnetic field, which gets stronger with upgrades. But the upgrades are expensive, so have to play more to save and upgrate. My next upgrade will cost 34, 000 coins. 

Jellyco Cube- Super Rare Pet . Skill Releases Jellyco missiles . A masterpiece of cutting edge escape technology, it releases powerful missiles filled with Jellies. You will love it. 

My next upgrade will be 23, 000 coins- but right now I have 19, 333 coins, so I have to play more to get more coins. 


Sometimes I am lucky


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