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11 Jan 2014

Wifi can't connect , cable connection works. -Tmnet Dlink DSL 2640B

Tutorial [教程] • 11 JANUARY 2014
The reset button is within a small hole found on the back of your modem. Its usually a small button (On/Off) . This button allows you to either reboot (restart) your modem or restore all settings to factory defaults. But I don't know what went wrong, when I press the (On/Off) button I could not connect to the Wireless - But I could connect with an Ethernet cable. 
Don't panic call TMNET- 100. They will teach you on the phone.

Hopefully with the above Tutorial - you will be able to solve your problem.
Make sure your modem : TM - DLINK DSL- 2640B (From TMNET). Type on the address bar then press <enter>
Type Username and Password (default both username and password is tmadmin if router provided by TM streamyx)

Look for "SETUP " - CLICK ON IT.

Untick the box - click APPLY. Wait till it load

Tick again - and wait for it to load

Congratulations on Your Successful Connection. 


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