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17 Jan 2014

Bing Tang Hulu (Candied Haw in a Stick), Beijing

Beijing [北京] • 17 JANUARY 2014
Though it is so small candy and commonly available in Beijing, it somehow implies a simple, quiet and historical urban lifestyle of natives in Beijing. It is part of their childhood and also part of the history of Beijing City. Bintang Hulu could be a primitive but traditional candy which is made of fresh fruit, particularly wild fruit like hawthorn.

Tanghulu, also called bingtanghulu, is a traditional Chinese snack of candied fruit. It is commonly available in many Chinese cities, such as Beijing,Tianjin, Shanghai, and other Chinese cities. It consists of candied fruits on bamboo skewers that are approximately 20cm long. This snack can be found widely along the Beijing snack street Wangfujing and also there are street vendors who travel from place to place selling it.

The two common names literally means "sugar bottle gourd" and "rock sugar bottle gourd" respectively. The "sugar" or "rock sugar" refers to the sugar coating, while the "bottle gourd" refers to the slight resemblance of the snack to the shape of that fruit.
Tanghulu typically has a hardened sugar coating that comes from dipping the skewer in sugar syrup, but versions can also be found with a second chocolate coating, or sesame sprinkles. Traditionally, the fruit used has been Chinese hawthorn (山楂 shānzhā), but in recent times vendors have also used various other fruits, such as cherry tomatoes, mandarin oranges, strawberries, blueberries, pineapples, kiwifruit, bananas, or grapes.


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