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31 Jan 2014

Brave Frontier- I am addicted 24/7

Game [遊戲] • 31 JANUARY 2014
I believe I am addicted to Brave Frontier, i usually never ever play games on my iPhone, it's mainly used for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. But now I am on my phone 24/7. Brave Frontier is one of the more popular recent RPGs to come out on the iOS and Android platforms! 

29 Jan 2014

Pie Harbour @ Gurney Paragon, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 29 JANUARY 2014
For those who spend their lunch times in the city and surrounds, knowing good venues to take clients, colleagues or indeed friends for lunch can be very handy. I was lucky enough to discover Pie Harbour when I was out shopping in Gurney Paragon.

26 Jan 2014

How to Resize All Images Automatically in Blogger

Tutorial [教程] • 26 JANUARY 2014
I was so happy to find out this tutorial from Mybloggerlab from now onwards, I don't have to manually edit my photos , it automatically resize the width for me. Instead of 500px, you can change to 600px ... etc. But remember the Height put it as :auto.

25 Jan 2014

Kuih Bangkit family home in Queen Street, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 25 JANUARY 2014
Kuih Bangkit is a traditional Nyonya Chinese New Year delicacy. It is a cookie that is hard on the outside but melts away in your mouth. It is made mainly from tapioca flour, eggs and coconut milk. 

22 Jan 2014

12 Days Spain/Portugal with LyePeng Travel

Travel [旅游] • 22 JANUARY 2014
Our Tour Agent : LyePeng
Month of Travelling : 10 December 2013
Price : RM8688
Package Tour 12 days Spain/Portugal : What is included ?
Airticket from Penang - Singapore ( Silk Air) , Singapore- Barcelona (Singapore Airlines), Barcelona- Singapore ( Singapore Airlines) , Singapore - Penang ( Silk Air). Hotels 4-5 Stars. B/L/D inclusive. Sightseeings and a small group of 20.  These tours are almost all by bus. Here are the itinerary :

19 Jan 2014

Duck Drumstick Mee Sua @The One Tingkat Mahsuri, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 19 JANUARY 2014
Duck soup noodle or Duck leg noodle (Chinese: 鸭腿麺线) is a style of serving noodles famous in Malaysia, in particular at Penang hawker centres. Known locally as ak-twee-mee-sua (literally, duck soup noodles), it consists of ingredients such as duck meat in hot soup with mixed herbs and slim white noodles known as mee-sua.

17 Jan 2014

Bing Tang Hulu (Candied Haw in a Stick), Beijing

Beijing [北京] • 17 JANUARY 2014
Though it is so small candy and commonly available in Beijing, it somehow implies a simple, quiet and historical urban lifestyle of natives in Beijing. It is part of their childhood and also part of the history of Beijing City. Bintang Hulu could be a primitive but traditional candy which is made of fresh fruit, particularly wild fruit like hawthorn.

13 Jan 2014

Today Art Museum Beijing - 今日美术馆 , Beijing

Beijing [北京] • 13 JANUARY 2014
The Today Art Museum in Beijing, is China's first private, non-profit museum. The museum's mission is to support the development of Chinese contemporary art. No doubt this is the gravitational centre of the Baiziwan Lu district. Pictures of its post industrial facade, designed by artists Wang Jianwei and Wang Hui, are the poster image of Chinese art development in the city.

11 Jan 2014

Wifi can't connect , cable connection works. -Tmnet Dlink DSL 2640B

Tutorial [教程] • 11 JANUARY 2014
The reset button is within a small hole found on the back of your modem. Its usually a small button (On/Off) . This button allows you to either reboot (restart) your modem or restore all settings to factory defaults. But I don't know what went wrong, when I press the (On/Off) button I could not connect to the Wireless - But I could connect with an Ethernet cable. 
Don't panic call TMNET- 100. They will teach you on the phone.

9 Jan 2014

Carrot Cake Recipe from JoyofBaking

Recipe [烹飪法] • JANUARY 2014
Carrot cake is one of those classic cake recipes that everyone loves! Do you love a bit of carrot cake? Make your own with this simple recipe. This rich and moist spice cake, full of grated carrot and toasted nuts, has great flavor, especially when covered with a tangy and sweet cream cheese frosting.

7 Jan 2014

Set Lunch In MorganField

Penang [檳城] • 7 JANUARY 2014
Morgan field’s is an Europeanized American casual diner specializing in pork ribs. Combined with unique taste and great services. Morgan fields bring the best out of European dinning.

4 Jan 2014

Market Street (Lebuh Pasar) - Little India Penang Part 1

Penang [檳城] • 4 JANUARY 2014
Market Street, or Lebuh Pasar, is a street within the core zone of the George Town Unesco World Heritage Site. It was named after the market that used to be located on the shore in what is today Market Street Ghaut. The market continued to function even after the full reclamation that created Victoria Street and Weld Quay.

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