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25 Dec 2013

Set Lunch at Blue Reef Straits Quay, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 25 DECEMBER 2013
Save your dollars with these value-for-money lunch sets, Straits Quay Blue Reef. Blue Reel is famous for their fish and chip where you can choose the variety of salt water fish from the deep blue sea. The fish fillet can be fried in 3 different method, i.e. bread crumbed and beer batter method or grill. I personally prefer the beer batter method as it is less oily. But these days I go for grill.

What can you get for RM 1?  Now you can use your RM1 at Blue Reef to get additional stuff when you ordered any main course. You can get a soup of the day with garlic bread or fresh garden salad. You must try the Blue Reef Set Lunch only on weekday.

Fish and chips here is pretty good. Service is good although it can be slow when it's packed. Nice place in terms of ambiance. Huge portion for very affordable price and good tasty seafood! If you like deep friend it's a must to visit. Can't stop thinking about the tartar sauce.


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