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6 Dec 2013

Char Kueh Kak [Radish Cake] @ Macalister Lane, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 6 DECEMBER 2013
Char Koay Kak ( Fried Rice Cake) also known as Chai Tau Kueh is a very popular street food in Penang. It is normally eaten for breakfast or late supper. The hawker will fry batches of cubed rice cakes in a big flat pan. 

Normally egg will be included. Spicy or no spicy up to individual.

Old days pure lard (  Lard is pig fat in both its rendered and unrendered forms. Lard was commonly used in many cuisines as a cooking fat or shortening, or as a spread similar to butter ) was used as the base frying oil to produce perhaps the most aromatic and delicious Char Koay Kak. Now everyone have become more health conscious so most of the oil used by them currently is mixed with vegetable oil. Beside the oil other ingredients are enough to affect the Char Koay Kak’s taste are the quality of chai poh (salted radish), carrot cake as well as the dark soya sauce.

The plates of Char Koay Kak is served together with a banana leaf beneath the Char Koay Kak which in other sense the banana leaf does a little favor in boosting the taste of the delicious Char Koay Kak. The ingredients consists of pieces carrot cakes, salted turnips, and bean sprouts which they will be fried together with the dark soy sauce with chilies and eggs as an optional. 

You won’t be able to find a single pieces of white koay kak here. Every pieces is coated with flavour. The only drawback is that the char koay kak is tad oily. But once in awhile is ok la....

I guess it has been 10 years having this awesome dish. The Char Koay Kak we ordered are usually 2 plates both with eggs. What are you waiting for?  

Outside Seow Fong Lye Cafe
94C Macallister Lane
Business Hour: 7.30am – 12.30pm


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