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15 Nov 2013

SQ To Haneda Airport- Yokohama , DIY Travel Itinerary 2013

Tokyo [東京] • NOVEMBER 2013
As you begin to plan your Asia vacation, you have so many options from which to choose.
Every traveller and backpacker I’ve met who wants to go to Japan only asks me two questions.
1. Is Japan expensive to travel around?
2. Can you travel around Japan cheaply?

This my DIY Travel Itinerary
Tokyo has two airports, Narita International Airport (NRT), which handles mostly international air traffic and is the arrival point of a majority of foreign visitors, and the more centrally located Haneda Airport (HND), which handles mostly domestic air traffic and only a small number of international flights.
The most comfortable way of travel between Narita Airport and Tokyo Station is the JR Narita Express (NEX). The one way journey takes roughly one hour, costs around 3000 yen and is fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass and JR East Pass. There are departures every 30 to 60 minutes.
With the Suica & NEX package, available for 3500 yen to foreign tourists only, you can travel by Narita Express from the airport to Tokyo and receive a Suica prepaid card worth 2000 yen (500 yen refundable deposit plus 1500 yen worth in train fares). A round trip version is available for 5500 yen.
Haneda Airport is located less than 30 minutes south of central Tokyo.
I picked Haneda Airport because is nearer to Yokohama and Tokyo.

Best time to visit : April, May, July, August
Japanese have a passion for travel, and they generally travel at the same time, resulting in jampacked trains and hotels. The worst times to travel are around New Year's, from the end of December to January 4; Golden Week, from April 29 to May 5; and during the Obon Festival, about a week in mid-August. Avoid traveling on these dates at all costs, since all long-distance trains, domestic airlines, and most accommodations are booked solid and prices are higher. The weekends before and after these holidays are also likely to be crowded or booked.

Read more:
When to Visit
Buy airline tickets, which airline ?
Singapore Airlines - my favourite airline.
SIA launched Tokyo Haneda on 31 October 2010. The inaugural flight departed at 1546hrs and scheduled to arrive in Haneda at 2305hrs. The return service, SQ633, is scheduled to depart Haneda at 0030hrs on 1 November and arrive in Singapore at 0655hrs.

With the introduction of twice-daily Tokyo Haneda flights, which are served with Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, SIA is now offering customers even greater choice and convenience for travel to the Japanese capital. Singapore Airlines now operates a total of 50 weekly flights to and from Japan. In addition to twice-daily flights to both Tokyo Narita and Tokyo Haneda.

From: Singapore(SIN)To: Tokyo(HND)
SQ634 Mon- Sun (7Days)
(Boeing 777-300) Check the seat plan of Seat Guru-
SIN 15:35 HND 23:05 ------Flight time :6 hours 30 mins
Why I didn't pick SQ634 landed at 23:05 ?
- The Tokyo Monorail and Keikyu Railways stop operation shortly after midnight. The last services still provide a connection to the JR Yamanote Line at Hamamatsucho Station and Shinagawa Station respectively, from where the Yamanote Line can take you to most of Tokyo's main districts, including Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro and Tokyo Station until around 1am.
- Airport bus companies operate a few late-night connections from Haneda Airport's international terminal to various places in Tokyo and Yokohama, but note that they are more expensive than buses departing before midnight (typically twice the regular fare). Below are some of the most useful departures:
to Shinjuku at 0:00
to Shibuya at 0:00 and 0:30
to Ikebukuro at 0:00
to Shinagawa at 0:40
to Yokohama Station at 0:00 and 0:30
might miss the schedule. If we on time, Is it safe to take the subway so late at night?
A taxi ride into central Tokyo typically costs between 4,000 and 10,000 yen depending on the destination and time of the day (there is a surcharge during late night; typically 20% between 10pm and 5am).
Avoid arriving in the middle of the night. Get informed about the timetable of your means of transport, and avoid arriving in a foreign city in the middle of the night. Obvious? If the flight delayed you can't do anything. You will have to choose between spending the night in the train/bus station or at the airport or searching for a hypothetical hotel open at this late hour.

SQ636 Mon- Sun (7Days)
(Airbus A330-300)Check the seat plan of Seatguru -
SIN 22:00 HND 05:30 +1 Day ----Flight time :6 hours 30 mins (My flight)
I choose SQ636 - 05:30 landed one day later.
A red-eye flight is any flight departing late at night and arriving early the next morning
Take note of the JR EAST Hours of operation 07:30 – 20:30
If you're arriving early in the morning, especially after an overnight journey, you might want to arrange an early check in with your hotel.

From: Tokyo(HND)To: Singapore(SIN)
SQ633 (Boeing 777-300)
HND 00:30 SIN 07:00 ----Flight time : 7Hrs 30Mins
SQ635 (Airbus A330-300)
HND 06:35 SIN 13:05 ----Flight time : 7Hrs 30Mins

Haneda Tokyo International Airport (airport code HND) is located in Ota, Japan, 14 kilometers south of Tokyo Station. Haneda Airport handles mostly domestic flights to and from Tokyo and has three terminals, 1, 2, and International. Terminal 1 is nicknamed “Big Bird” and features a rooftop observation deck with open-air cafe. ( must go there very beautiful ) A new dedicated International Terminal opened in 2010. A free shuttle transports travelers between domestic and international terminals. Trains, taxis, and buses transport travelers into Tokyo. Seven domestic and 18 international airlines provide service to the airport. The airport handles over 64 million passengers per year making it the 2nd busiest airport in Asia and 7th busiest in the world.
Time Zone:
+9:00 hours from UTC/GMT
List of Travelling fares :

Where to board the subway?
The subway is inside Haneda Airport - just follow the sign or ask the helpful staff. They will assist you.
How to buy tickets
Take note of the Discount card : Tokyo Travel One- Day pass & Two Day Pass
Buy prepaid rail passes. They are rechargeable "smart cards". There are two major brands of rail pass: Suica, and Pasmo. They can be used on just about every subway, train and bus line in Tokyo (with the exception of JR's Shinkansen and limited express trains). Most Tokyo Subway tickets and rail passes are sold from automated vending machines which have an English language option (see note below for more detail). Ticket machines are located at each subway station. Some of the larger stations have ticketing offices. There is an initial ¥500 deposit that you must pay when purchasing a rail pass, this fee is refundable at the subway station when you leave Japan. You choose how much money you want to put on the pass, depending on the time you plan to spend in Tokyo.
Take the Tokyo subway map in English at your hotel desk, or in the subway stations. It is very simple to navigate the Tokyo transportation system. Signs on subway stations include the station names in English. But for me I downloaded the map online to my Iphone and Ipad. Subway Map Must Download very useful keep it on your Iphone or Ipad or Android.

From Haneda Airport to Yokohama Station
20-25 minutes- ¥ 470. ( I bought )
Getting to Yokohama

For the latest hotel bargains in locations around the world, be sure to check our discount hotel deals daily. In addition, check the Web sites of your favorite hotel chains; often they will run promotions exclusively for Web bookings.
Which is your favourite? I have a few , to compare
- CHARGED RM 4 per transaction
you can compare the best rates from all the online hotel booking websites.
When I travel to Yokohama , I picked because they offered a good deal and free breakfast.

Where to stay in Yokohama?
It all depends on your budget.
For me I choose Sotetsu Fresa Inn Yokohama Sakuiragicho
Hotel Information
5-49 Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 231-0005, JAPAN
Telephone : (+81) 45-640-0203
FAX : (+81) 45-640-0202
Check-in : 15:00 / Checkout : 10:00
No. of rooms : 128
Room rate for 6 nights included breakfast and wifi -
¥64800 - Double Room
¥3240 - VAT 5%
A 5% consumption tax is included in all hotel rates, including those given in this book. Furthermore, upper-end hotels and some moderately priced hotels also add a 10% to 15% service charge to their published rates, while expensive ryokan will add a 10% to 20% service charge.
¥68040 - Total price. Estimated one night RM 343
When we went on April, 2013 the rate was 3.3
¥1000 - RM33
Room fitted LCD TV, mini fridge, air cleaner. Bathroom comes with toiletries and hairdryer. Cannot accomodate an extra bed.

Access to subway station just in front of the hotel.
-to me is convenient, walking distance 1 minute from Bashamichi Subway Station.
Bashamichi Station is an underground station with a single island platform serving two tracks. Once you get out from the station, turn left you can see the escalator. Right above there is a lift, use it. If you exit straight, think about every time you've dragged a fat suitcase up the stairs. Avoid that.
- Bed with breakfast, gosh the breakfast is so good.6:30 AM and 9:30 AM. If breakfast is not included , Breakfast fee: JPY 600 for adults and JPY 300 for children (approximately)
Buffet breakfast with a few options including bread, egg, cold meats, cereal, yogurt and the usual rice and soup for a Japanese breakfast. All nicely presented. Laundry facilities available. The free coffee and tea from 3pm to 10pm
- Wifi everywhere, lobby, in the room. (best part, where I upload my photos at night)

Take note
In many locations, hotel check-in doesn't begin until the afternoon. That can be more than an inconvenience for those who traveled many hours through many time zones, arriving at a destination early in the morning.
When you present yourself at hotel check-in tired and in need of a shower and hear, "Sorry, your room is not ready yet," there are steps you can take. Not all of them will get you to your room sooner, but they may make the wait more comfortable.
What we do , we leave our luggage at the reception. They keep for us, till our check in time.Check-in time starts at 3 PM - We landed at 05:30 , reached the hotel around 9am. There will be extra charges for early check in. We skip that, because we don't want to pay more.. If your hotel is in an urban area, there may be a park nearby. Ask the concierge for directions, get a map, and pick up snacks along the way. Find a park bench or velvety green patch and start unwinding from your travels. What did we do? We spend our time in the Nippon MaruQueen's Square Most shops open 11:00 to 20:00 spend our lunch there. We had Hakata Ippudou Ramen - The Best of Fukuoka’s Ramen
Hotel Check-out time is 10 AM

Yokohama Tour Guide
Map Of Yokohama - a must to download so you can DIY by your own with the Bus or subway.
Discount Tickets & Passes - A must to purchase.
Why ?
Yokohama-Minatomirai Pass (JR East)
The Yokohama-Minatomirai Pass allows unlimited rides on local and rapid JR East trains (excluding reserved seats) on the Negishi Line between Yokohama and Shin-Sugita Stations as well as on the Yokohama Minatomirai Line. Use a Yokohama-Minatomirai Pass to enjoy sightseeing and shopping in the Yokohama area.
PricesAdults 500 yen, Children 250 yenWhere to PurchaseThe Yokohama Minatomirai Pass can be purchased at JR Ticket Offices (Midori-no Madoguchi) within the designated open seating zone as well as at the Travel service Center (View Plaza) in Yokohama Station.Term of UseOne day
Yokohama Minatomirai
Tickets and Prices
Minato-Burari Ticket
A discount ticket for unlimited rides all day on the subway and city buses (including the "Akaikutsu" and the "100-yen bus") from MM21 area, where Yokohama's sightseeing spots are concentrated, to the areas of Yamate, Isezakicho, Chinatown, and the surrounding area of Yamashita Park. Furthermore, passengers can get special discount at more than 100 associated facilities. *"Minato Burari Ticket Wide" that includes a roundtrip on municipal subway between "Yokohama" and "Shin-Yokohama Station" is also available.
PricesAdults 500 yen, Children 250 yen
Minato Burari Ticket Wide 
Adults 500 yen, Children 250 yenWhere to PurchaseThe Minato Burari Ticket can be purchased at the following stations on Yokohama Municipal Subway Line
Yokohama Station, Takashimacho Station, Sakuragicho Station, Kannai Station, Isezaki-chojamachi Station. It can also be purchased at Yokohama Station East Exit (The first basement level of "Sogo") and at the Tourist Information Center in Sakuragicho
The Minatomirai Line One Day Ticket allows unlimited rides all day on the Minatomirai Line. Furthermore, passengers can get special discount and services at Yokohama Museum of Art, Yokohama Minatomirai Manyo Club, SKYspa Yokohama, Nadaman Yokohama and other facilities.
PricesAdults 450 yen, Children 230 yenWhere to PurchaseThe Minatomirai Line One Day Ticket can be purchased at the ticket machine in each Minatomirai Line station, Comfort Hotel Yokohama Kannai, Yokohama Excel Hotel Tokyu, Yokohama Plaza Hotel, and Yokohama Heiwa Plaza Hotel.Term of Use One day.

One-coin Buses usually run only on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays. At a bus fare of 100 yen (a 100 yen coin), people can enjoy bus rides in areas such as Sakuragi-cho Station, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, and Hinode-cho Station. One-coin Buses cover two types of routes; a route departing from Hinode-cho Station and a route departing from Sakuragi-cho Station.
Akaikutsu Red Bus

Haneda Airport -(470 yen, 30 to 35 minutes.) Yokohama Station ---(180yen ,5 minutes) Bashamichi Station Fares

Attractions in Yokohama:
To name a few
Minato Mirai 21
Yamashita Park
Chinatown / Ramen Museum

To view pictures here:


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