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21 Nov 2013

Highlight "Author Comments" in Blogger

Tutorial [教程] • 21 NOVEMBER 2013
I can't reply to comments posted on my blog, or leave my own comments ...:( I'd like to respond to the comments my readers leave, but my template do not have a "REPLY" button. So how to solve my problem?

Author comments are very much important on the blog which makes the visitors to participate in the discussion. If the author comments are customized and highlighted differently from the visitors comments, the author comments would be very prominent and will encourage the visitors to participate in the discussion on the blog post. The discussion on a blog post will always help a blogger to identify what the visitors response for the post and what more they are looking from the author.

Highlight "Author Comments" in Blogger According to me highlighting author comments is important not highlighting author comment box. So just highlight comment text!!

Here is a detailed step by step explanation:

1. Login to your Blogger account.
2. Dashboard >> Design >> Edit HTML.
3. Back up your template (recommended).
4. Tick to Expand Widget Templates check box which is on top right of HTML window.
5. Press Ctrl+F (Now your browser search bar will appear).
6. Now search for this green colour code in your browser's search bar.


7. Now replace the highlighted green colour code with the below orange color code in your HTML window.

<!--author comments highlight Start-->
<!-- -->
<b:if cond=' =='>
<p style='color: limegreen; font-weight:bold;'><data:comment.body/></p>
<!--author comments highlight End-->

8. The color highlighting code is applied in this <p style="color: limegreen; font-weight:bold;"> inline styling. You can change the text style any way you like. For example, to italicize, just add font-style:italic by separating each property with a semicolon.
You can even replace text color limegreen with your preferred color. To replace use CSS Colornames or Hex color code. Hex color code must be preceded by a pound (#) sign, e.g. #FFD700.

09. Preview your template & Save.
10. Credited to  Highlight Author Comments


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