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24 Oct 2013

Remove Icons and Replace by words

Tutorial [教程] • 24 OCTOBER 2013
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icons Author  icons RECIPE [烹飪法]  icons Tuesday, October 15, 2013
I want to remove the icons 
I want to replace the icons with writing  example
Posted by Author Labels RECIPE [烹飪法] On Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Firstly before proceeding further please backup your Blog template by going to Template > Backup/Restore > Download Full Template , so that you can restore to your old template if something happens

Now go to Template > Edit HTML and click once inside the Editor & then press CTRL+F (Windows) or COMMAND+F (Mac) . This should show you a Search box inside the editor itself in the Right Hand side Top Corner. Now search for "post-header-line-1" (without quotes)

You will find two instances of this code (mobile and desktop ) , We will add this code below both the instances of the above div . You will observe some similar code as you see below  

Here you can either delete that code and copy this code ( below the div with class post-header-line-1 ) or 
You can understand from the code shown below and just add the words as shown in your code
Credited to Prayag Verma

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