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18 Oct 2013

Peng Hwa Laksa @ Gottlieb Road, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 18 OCTOBER 2013
Penang Assam Laksa has been selected as the No.2 Must Eat hawker food through an online poll on the VisitPenang website in 2009.

The strong aroma of the herbs, the sourness of the soup from the fragrance of the assam and the quality of our Penang prawn paste makes our Penang hawker food, the Assam Laksa so different from the others. There are many places around town that sells this noodle.

Assam laksa (RM3.50) which most people will go for. It has the right balance of sour, sweet and spicy flavor and  was very appetizing. Most customers will have some fried spring rolls (RM0.80 each) to dip in this flavorful laksa soup. We went late no more spring rolls :( Managed to get a table and waited happily for the Laksa. 

It’s very difficult to say which is the best stall for Assam Laksa in Penang, I guess you have to visit Penang to try them out yourself.

Taman Emas Kopitiam
Opening Hours – Coffee shop :   Morning till evening
Opening Hours – Laksa Stall   :   2pm till 5pm
Closing day       :   Monday
The corner lot coffee shop is directly opposite Penang Chinese Girl’s High School. Very pack on weekends and public holidays. Click here for Map Location


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