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28 Sep 2013

Miam Miam Cafe @ Gurney Paragon, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 28 SEPTEMBER 2013
Miam Miam Cafe Restaurant is established in 2013 and  situated at the St. Jo's Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang.Miam Miam Café & Restaurant is a French-Japanese cafe & kitchen.It's a trendy café, refined and fashionable. Later in the evening (during weekend) this cafe gets very crowded with youngsters but during the afternoon and early evening it is a great place to have a drink or something to eat. 

Famous French Toast with Homemade Whipped Cream and Maple Syrup RM16.80 - Soooo good ( Highly recommended by the Crew) 

The sweet side of any brunch menu always feels like such an indulgence. Soaking it in the egg/milk mixture before frying it brings backs the moisture, and tastes even better when smothered in sweet maple syrup and whipped cream.

Just a word of warning:  After consuming this you may be immediately overcome with the need to take a nap!

Youngsters always look for a place to hang around with friends and discuss life's blues. With eating out becoming a part of one's lifestyle, youngsters descend upon joints, as these provide an ideal place for one to break-free and make merry.

Pot Baked Souffle Doria (with or without beef) RM26.80 - Bestseller
We enjoyed this rice & egg dish very much. It was worth the time and extra effort. It had an amazing texture, firm yet creamy, tasty, tasty, tasty.

Classic Vanilla Souffle RM16.80
Light as a cloud and full of sweet, unadulterated vanilla essence, this vanilla soufflé recipe is the one to prepare for every and any menu. It deftly fits in with so many menus and tastes, that it could be considered the everyday fancy dessert. Dust a little confectioners' sugar over the top simple and delicious.

We parked at Gurney Plaza and walked to Miam Miam. 
Service excellent, even when they are busy. I would definitely return.
163-C-1-01/2, St. Jo's, Gurney Paragon, Persiaran Gurney, George Town, Penang.
Tel: +604 226 7105
Opening times: Mon-Fri, 12noon-9.15pm; Sat & Sun, 12noon-9.30pm


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