How to Put Nuffnang ads in Your Blog

You may already know, but one of the largest blogger advertising networks from Asia-Pacific and Australia has made the hop over and started in the UK. Nuffnang was launched in 2006 and already works with over a million bloggers all around the world.
We’ve seen lot of Blogger blog runs Nuffnang ads as their option to monetize blogs. Nuffnang starts growing in 7 Southeast Asia countries (Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand). Serving ads from the is not too hard unlike other ad networks that requires certain volume of traffic and strict policy.

With Nuffnang, all you have to do is sign up or create an account on their network and make sure that you have a online blog with 20 unique views daily for you to place their ads. Just as easy as that, you already become a Nuffnang publisher, now your next goal is how to display ads on your blog. Nuffnang usually serves local ads of advertisers from your country. This means that it is easy for you to earn if your visitors are mostly came from your own country. Visitors can easy relate with the ads you serve that makes a percentage for them to click on the ads you are currently running.

How to add or show Nuffnang Ads to your Blogger or Blogspot blog

Once you sign up for Nuffnang - Log in

(Click the picture to enlarge for better viewing)

                                           Nuffnang has 3 types of ads you can place on your site or blog.

1.Leaderboad – 728x90 ad size usually located on the top or header of your blog.
2.Skyscraper – 160x300 ad size usually located on the sidebar of your blog
3.Large Rectangle – 336x280 ad size usually placed in the middle of your blog or between blog post.

Note:  Nuffnang automatically detect your blog platform like Blogger, Wordpress, Xange, Tumblr and Tabulas.
To show or runs ads from Nuffnang make sure that you have a well-established site/blog with a good traffic for them to notice your site. Based on my experienced, do update also the survey on your Nuffnang profile as advertisers change from time to time. 


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16 thoughts on “How to Put Nuffnang ads in Your Blog

    1. My kids talked me into doing ads...but you sure don't earn much. I'm debating whether it's worth it.

    2. Thank you for this very informative and interesting post.
      Greetings from Thailand :)

    3. I am not sure if I want to place ad to my blog...I like it "clean" far.
      Thanks for the info.
      Have a great week ahead :D

    4. THANX for sharing!!! Wished this came out much earlier...had so much headache trying to figure mine out last year!

    5. Habra que echarle un vistazo, a ver que tal, besos

    6. good to share this! nuffnang ads have been on my blog for a few years, and the company has been very efficient and good to deal with =)

    7. I've nuffnang ads for few yrs too, but my gliterrati status were gone after I had other ads in my blog.

    8. Very informative post - lots of information here!

    9. This is very informative...I've seen many blogs offer ads from this network.Recently I tried to join but didn't complete the sign up process.Will check it...

    10. Hi, can I ask that before Nuffnang signs their bloggers, do they approach them to do events for them first before signing? Or they just sign right away? Thank you

      1. Hi, when I sign in for Nuffnang, I don't have to do events. All you have to do is just Sign Up for Nuffnang.

    11. Thank you so much for this! it worked like a charm! xx