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24 Aug 2013

Sun Young Hair Studio - Hair Cut and Perm, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 24 AUGUST 2013
I’m sooo bored with my hair. I realized that I’ve been styling my hair the same way for months or years. I was thinking of dying it blue, or chopping it into something crazy, getting a perm or maybe even dredding it (that's more of a suggestion from my friend haha).To get some fresh inspiration, I looked through tons of celebrity pics and chose my favorites. Finally decided a hair perm.......

(I am very happy with my Hair Perm (Sense Perm) - RM 180 + Hair Cut/Wash)

My perm can last anywhere from around 2-6 months generally. The tighter the perm, generally the longer it will last as it will relax over time. Most stylists will recommend waiting 24 hours before washing your hair. The average perm needs at least 28 hours to fully neutralize and relax. My hairstylist recommend a full 48 hours before shampooing. 

Remember avoid scratching your head or brushing your hair heavily. Any type of scalp stimulation can cause burning by the perm chemicals. Also be sure to do a deep conditioning treatment a day before. The day of, your stylist will wash your hair for you so you wont need to unless they specifically ask you to. Also be sure to avoid hot water.I had a good trim to keep the curls healthy and bouncy. 

Paul Mitchell Hydrocream Whip and Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner highly recommended by the Hairstylist. I bought the Paul Mitchell Hydrocream Whip to hold my curl - RM110. ( Is expensive but I figure if you're going to spend the money getting a nice hair cut and perm, you might as well pay a few extra bucks to look good!

  • Haircut / Wash - 1/2 hour - 45 minutes- Explained to the stylist exactly the kind of cut/style you want. It is your responsibility to 'buy' what you want. However, if you do not get what you asked for at the point where you pay for the cut/style, now is the time to express your concern about not getting what you asked for and see if it can be re-cut or re-styled? * But for me I have no complaint because I am very happy with my haircut.
  • Perm - 2 hours ( Went to the loo with the hair curler ) Drink too much H2o
  • Total bill RM 180 (Hair Cut/ wash and Perm )+ RM 110 ( Paul Mitchell Hydrocream Whip= RM 290 ( To qualify to become a member I have to spend RM 200. Once I am a member I will enjoy the 20% discount on my Birthday month. 
I would definitely be returning here and I recommend it to anyone.
Sun Young Hair Studio
Location 308-D-1 Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim, 11900 Kampong Sungai Ara,Penang, Malaysia
Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 21:00
Hp: +6012494 8498


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