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9 Jul 2013

Exabytes is Malaysia's number one web hosting provider.

Penang [檳城] • 09 JULY 2013
I’ve been blogging for almost a year but have never really, until last week, looked into “own domain” . I have been googling around to find the best Malaysia web hosting. But is very expensive for me, if I purchase a web hosting from them. So I decided to buy only the DOMAIN and use Blogger. 

Check out this website Best Malaysia Web Hosting
I'm a newbie to domain registrar transfer and completely confused. I have been asking some bloggers out there. I have written emails to the Malaysia  Web Hosting (the link above) to ask them questions. 

So many good company and I picked Exabytes . Why?

First time Blogger like me very excited about "Domain" and know nuts about it. All I want is to have my domain as soon as possible. The Sales Department were quick to reply to my email and help me with my answers. Exabytes Technical Support is on duty on 24 x 7 , they were so prompt in helping my issues and solve my problem within 1 day. 

I paid 5 years Domain RM159 + RM 40 (DNS Management RM8/per year) Total RM 199 for 5 years, I think is a pretty good deal. 

This is a typical question which will be asked by most of the bloggers starting out and attempting to make a decision on which blogging platform. I think this is depending on you, whether you are just blogging for fun, or you want to blog for making money online, or you simple like and so on. 

You Will Making More Money Online If You Use Own Domain Blog

As you may be already know, if you use own hosted blog on your own domain, without doubt that you can make more money online instead of using free blog host like This is because many advertisers willing to pay higher amount of advertisement for own domain blog, some of them refuse to accept your offers if you use free blog hosting.

Free Blog Hosting Like Is Recommended

If you want to make money online using free blog hosting, I strongly suggest you use because this free blog host is the most acceptable by advertisers so far compare with others, other reason may be blog can easily get indexed in

A good website to read Switching From Blogspot To A Custom Domain Your Questions Answered


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