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16 May 2013

The New Balance Approach to Walking Shoes 步行鞋

The Importance of Wearing a Walking Shoe
Walk the walk.
From fitness walking, to casual walking, to every-day-getting-around walking – we're always walking. And while walking has its fair share of benefits, it also has its demands. That's why New Balance is committed to providing an array of walking products — so walkers everywhere can stay healthy, and stay moving.

Walking: An Activity All Its Own
Although walking may seem to some like a slowed-down version of running, it is actually a movement all its own. The New Balance Sports Research Lab and Engineering Department have studied it, and can tell you that there are important differences between the two that drastically affect the way we make our walking shoes.
Walking differentiates itself from running in many ways. For starters, the nature of the motion is smoother and more pendulum-like. Plus, walking involves constant ground contact and less pronation – the rolling from the outside of the foot to the inside. This means less impact and stress on the body and the foot.
So what does this all mean? Basically, walking is something completely unique, and you need to provide your customers with the right tools for the job.

Find Your Perfect Pair

So with the knowledge of what makes walking different, how walking shoes are specifically designed for the activity, and the different elements of a walking shoe to consider, you can follow the below steps to find the best pair for you:

• Find shoes that closely match your activity or walking level
• Filter by item type depending if you are looking for attributes such as Stability, Motion Control, or extra Comfort
• Filter by Fit Type, which can vary from Standard, to a Narrow Heel, to a Wide Toe Box
• Choose your size and width
Get out there and walk
Walking is a truly unique activity, and you need footwear that can keep up, and keep you moving. At New Balance, it's our job to be as knowledgeable about walking as we can, so your experiences are as excellent as possible. Now get out there and walk!
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Keep an eye out for more Walking content from New Balance, including proper form and additional fitness tips to add to your walk through our Good Form Walking program launching in Spring of 2013!
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