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28 May 2013

Kith Cafe Singapore

Singapore [新加坡] • 28 MAY 2013
Hjgher, a design collective in Singapore, have designed the Kith Café.
Kith Cafe at Park Mall is a nice cafe to dine at when you are in Orchard, as most of their items are reasonably-priced under $20. Been here a couple of times for brunch, there is usually a wait so make sure you take that into account. 

Overall - food was good! I had really simple dishes, toast, salad, breakfast plate and was really happy with it. Simple / quality food to help cure a hangover

Big Breakfast, $14.00 - I figured that I would enjoy a hearty and wholesome breakfast, since it would be served in generous portions. 

Kith Cafe

7 Rodyk Street | Watermark Robertson Quay, Singapore


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