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15 Apr 2013

Want some of the best coffee in Bangkok?

Bangkok [曼谷] • 15 APRIL 2013
I’ve been to Thailand more times than I can count. People often ask me why I return to places I’ve already visited instead of exploring somewhere new. Well, that’s an easy answer – it’s because I feel attached to them. I feel at home when I’m visiting them. And Thailand is probably the one best place for me. And why do I love Thailand so much? 

Stayed here beginning of December '12 (superior room at back of hotel) Positives: - Good location - Friendly staff - Reasonably quiet room (if at rear of hotel) - Comfortable bed - Clean - I was able to take the skytrain from just outside the door of the hotel and travel alone to visit some of the large shopping malls in the city. The skytrain was efficient, easy to use and cheap. The location of the Hotel right beside Sukhumvit stop is ideal for any visitor to the city. The hotel was spotlessly clean, with air-conditioning, a minibar, and I wasn't disturbed by the traffic noises despite its proximity to the street. The staff were friendly , they spoke English at the front desk. Breakfast was available right beside the exit door.

The Coffee Station is a small and relatively new coffee shop located in Bangkok’s On Nut area.,- its modern red and black décor, complete with wonderful coffee aromas were the first things that beckoned me to try out what was on offer. Safe to say, the coffee tasted just as good as the aromas had portended. I ordered a large Americano that appeared to be brewed using an excellent combination of beans and I was able to sit in what was a relatively airy, open space to enjoy it. The Coffee Station also had on offer hot teas and a range of specialty coffees. 

Can't live with them, can't live without them... well, sure you could but the alternative (tuk-tuks) ain't great either. For your information, all taxis are equipped with meters, however there are many taxis that are normally parked outside tourist locations that do not use them. Avoid those taxis, as the normally do not want to use the meters and will charge between twice to three times the normal fare, depending on how rich you appear to them. Flag down a moving taxi instead, especially when you are outside areas such as Patpong. All that said, 100 B is only about US$ 2.63 which is probably less than the flag down fare in your own country.

Bangkok is known to have the best soapy massage parlors in the world! ... the best nightlife in Thailand . I had Thai Massage + herb ball in a nice cosy room. They had separate huts and the compound was huge. The massage was good with the option of choosing which parts of your body to focus on and whether you want hard/medium/soft. The masseur was professional and used just the right amount of energy to make the massage good.

The room was cosy and clean but as per the previous review no music or flowers but those were not my focus. There was a toilet inside as well.

I recommend the massage but not the herb ball because it cost additional 250THB but i did not reap any significant benefits from it other than I felt very cold after it because it was a hot ball that left my skin moist and cold after that. Perhaps it was also raining outside.


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