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23 Feb 2013

Thai Cuisine @ Nagore Road, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 23 FEBRUARY 2013
Have you been looking hard for a nice Thai Restaurant in Penang? Have you found a nice one yet?

Their menu offers familiar Thai fare such as green curry, tomyam and noodles at very reasonable prices. In fact, they're known to be one of the cheapest Thai food available in Penang.

One popular dish is their delicious softshell crab fried rice which comes with fresh lettuce leaves and terribly spicy sambal. It is RM10 for a portion or RM15 for a large portion enough for two people while other rice dishes with meat is from RM5 and noodles from RM3. They used to have a quick service at lunch time where there ready-cooked dishes on display and it was very popular. Unfortunately, they don't have it anymore these days.

Dessert wise, they offer glutinous rice wrapped banana and freshly prepared cendol of creamy coconut milk and palm sugar. Ready lunch ends at around 2:30pm and dinner begins at 6pm. There is no wifi service available here.

Thai Cuisine @ Nagore Road, Penang
32,Jalan Nagore,
10050 Penang Malaysia


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