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16 Feb 2013

Kayu Nasi Kandar-Penang 印度早餐

Penang [檳城] • 16 FEBRUARY 2013
Kayu nasi Kandar is one of the famous 24 hours nasi kandar in Penang and it is famous for its longest roti tisu as well as many food there. This time, on my schedule back Penang , we went to have Nasi Kandar since we arrived in Penang in the morning. What we had?

This has been my favourite for the last decade, The Teh Tarik

The plain roti canai still good, dried , crispy and still hot/warm (not soggy like others)

Never get tired of the tosai they serve. Second serving.One is always not enough.

My favorite food ,nasi kandar is served piping hot with either white rice or nasi hujan(beriani type).The menu list is very wide and includes indian noodles,tosai,roti canai,various types of nan ,breads and sweets.


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