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9 Feb 2013

Japanese Snacks日本雜貨

Penang [檳城] • 09 FEBRUARY 2013
Why locals all love Japanese food?
Some call Japanese snacks "weird". That's not fair—the vast majority is rather pedestrian. There are some Japanese snacks that are, how should I say, peculiar? Many of them actually end up tasing great, first repelling you and then pulling you in with unique flavor sensations—or as I like to say, flavorsations.

Pick your favourite
Japanese people love new things, which is why the snack wizards are always churning out new drink flavors, new potato chip flavors, and new snacks. Here's the thing with many of Japan's peculiar flavors. They are not long lasting. They are shuffled in and out of stores before you know it. Sometimes, it actually seems like they were released as a dare—or as a gag. 

It's amazing how inexpensive they are in Japan but how expensively they are sold here..... but yes, definitely worth a try.


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