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25 Jan 2013

Chatime - Bubble Tea @Straits Quay, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 25 JANUARY 2013
Chatime is a tea franchise offering the world’s most authentic tea experience and is rapidly becoming known as the fresh tea specialist. Founded in Taiwan in 2003, Chatime is an international franchise with over 800 stores worldwide. The company launched in Australia in 2009 and has quickly grown to near 50 outlets located across Australia.

Combining 30 years of tea production and a team of professional tea testers, Chatime has modernised the traditional Taiwanese tea culture. The company employs state-of-the-art technology and uses the highest quality ingredients to deliver a great tea tasting experience.
Chatime encompasses several key factors into their successful franchise chain. This includes well-developed training programs, an exceptional retail audit system, cutting edge product innovation, and a specialized management and research team.

Chatime is committed to delivering consistently high quality tea with outstanding and efficient customer service. Chatime is experiencing exceptional growth at a rate of more than 80% during the past two years and is currently one of Australia’s fastest growing franchises.
Chatime tea is brewed fresh in store using the highest quality natural ingredients with no added preservatives. It is against the company’s policy to use pre-made tea or tea powders and we are a proud to support Australian Farmers, with fresh milk delivered to Chatime stores daily by Daily Farmers and Pura.

Freshly brewed tea has more flavour and fragrance. Chatime draws from traditional Taiwanese tea concepts to create their delicious fusion of flavours and continuously develop many new and innovative drinks, while keeping true to the delicious Taiwanese tea flavor.
Chatime offer a variety of refreshing and nutritional hot and iced tea that are tailored to individual taste and level of sweetness. Chatime’s superior range of tea guarantees that there is a tea for everyone.

Due to the increasing popularity of pearl milk bubble tea here in Malaysia, its kinda hard for people to miss anyone not having a cup of this drink it their hands. With the increasing number of outlets actually serving these drinks, its kinda hard for one to differentiate which is the better brand than the rest.

However, one actually does stand out than the rest, not only just via its popularity among the people but also in quality in taste would be the Chatime outlets that are rapidly increasing its number of stalls across Malaysia. Originating from Taiwan, these drinks does have a significantly more milkier taste than the rest. Personally I was never a fan of pearl milk tea to begin with but due to the availability (as well as some staff mates of mine at work) I have to admit that I am now a huge fan of the product.
However, the one question that has been bugging my mind as well as many around me is this:
Are the products in Chatime halal to begin with?
Out of sheer logic, one would argue that almost all of the products made in this shop are vegetarian based however there have been issues when it comes to gelatin based products made out of lard (pork fat) on some products. Furthermore, each of its outlets have not shown any halal logos on their signs as well.

Probably one of the best bobas I've had in a very long time, second to only Mr. Green Bubble the last time I was in the bay area. That boba is perfectly soft and chewy. Yet the half jelly, half boba combo takes the drink to another level I think, even though I didn't want to admit it since that means half the amount of boba. I tried the mango tea and was blasted by a bold punch of mango flavor that I haven't had from any sort of tea drink during my lifetime. Simply awesome. It's a bit sweet but get it and don't regret it.


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